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Find, Book & Save on Airport Parking

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Airport Parking

What Is Airport Parking?

If you need to fly to different cities or countries often, getting to the airport by taxi or a ride-share service can be expensive. If you have a car you can drive, driving down to the airport would be a better transportation option than paying extra for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. Airport parking lots and garages allow you to park your vehicle, for a long term or short term, while you are away on your trip. Most of these airport parking lots will provide free airport shuttles.

What Is Long Term Airport Parking?

Airport long term parking is the perfect airport parking option if you need to park your car for an extended amount of time. Long term airport parking is more cost-effective than short term daily airport parking. The reason why airport long term parking is the best airport parking option is because long term parking has a lower daily parking rate, which will cost you less than parking in a short term parking lot.

What Is Short Term Airport Parking?

Airport short term parking is the airport parking option to choose when the parking duration is less than a day or very few days. The daily short term airport parking rate will be higher than the daily long term airport parking rate, but it is an ideal airport parking option for those who need to park for just a few hours, picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport, or want to park closer to the airport terminals.

What Is the Cheapest Airport Parking?

To get the cheapest airport parking, start finding your airport parking deals by going online and search for airport parking coupons, discounts, and offers. You can also visit Way.com to book cheap airport parking.

What Is Valet Airport Parking?

Valet parking or the meet and greet parking generally involves you leaving your car at a specified location outside or near the airport terminal entrance. An airport parking valet attendant or driver will drive your vehicle for you to an airport parking lot and will drive your vehicle back to you from the airport parking lot when you arrive at the airport terminal.

What Is Economy Parking at the Airport?

Several airports offer an economy airport parking lot option. The economy airport parking lot is where you can park your vehicle at the cheapest airport parking rates for onsite airport parking. This airport parking option is especially helpful if you travel often, on a tighter budget, or are planning to travel for a reasonably long time.

What Is Offsite Airport Parking?

An offsite airport parking lot is an airport parking option that is not located within the airport itself. Offsite airport parking lots are usually located on the outskirts of the airport and are managed by third parties.

What Is Onsite Airport Parking?

Onsite airport parking lots are located within the airport’s boundary. Onsite airport parking lots are usually owned by the airport authorities and are therefore the closest airport parking option to the airport. Onsite airport parking lots are generally more expensive than offsite airport parking lots.

Next time you fly, skip the stress of finding parking. Bypass the “parking space hunt” by reserving one ahead of time with Way...and get a big discount on the parking rate at the same time!

Think about the steps you normally take when preparing for a nice trip.

  • Pack up.
  • Check the flight details.
  • Make sure you have your ticket ready.
  • Budget time to drive to the airport, AND to find parking.

Why are those last two separated? Because in our frantic overcrowded world, even finding parking when going to work is hard. Airport parking is another level of complicated. Especially if you’re in a large metro area like San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, or Dallas/Fort Worth.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Not anymore.

There’s a way to reserve parking ahead of time with your phone. A week, a day, even an hour before getting in your car.

Instantly remove the stress of hurrying out the door. No stressing over making your flight on time. Even traffic is easier to deal with.

Flights go from a rushed deadline to an experience you enjoy right from the start.

Travel your Way. How? With the Way app.

How the Way App Helps You Find the Best Airport Parking

The Way iOS/Android app helps you find nearby deals on experiences. Dining out, concerts, special events...and the parking you’ll need for all of them.

That includes parking at airports. You’ll find hundreds of lots to choose from, servicing airports all across the U.S. All listed within the Way app (and on Way.com).

Our exclusive partner discounts and Price Matching means you’ll find the cheapest parking rate for your SFO flight, right on your phone. Guaranteed.

Advantages to Using Way for Your Next Trip’s Airport Parking

Zero Stress. No scrambling before the flight. No burning up time finding a space.

Focus on the Experience. Think about the enjoyment you’ll have at the beach, the mountains, etc. No need to think about problems like, “Do I have enough cash for the parking fee?” or, “Is my car safe in this lot?”

Save Money.Way customers save an average of 60% off parking rates posted at the lot.

Here’s an example. San Francisco Airport’s (SFO) terminal parking rates start at $2 for 15 minutes. Barely enough time to find a spot to stop, unload luggage, and drive off. After that, parking rates shoot up to between $25-42 per day! (Source)

On Way, you’ll find off-airport parking next door for as low as $8 per day. A savings of up to 80%!(Rates will vary of course. But you can easily see how much you’ll save using Way.)

These rates are not coupon-only. You don’t need a discount code. They’re the kind of parking rates you get with Way...all day, every day.

Safer Cars. Almost every Way partner lot has a 24/7 security presence and video surveillance watching all the cars, all the time.

Short-Term and Long-Term Parking Options.Are you picking someone up, or leaving your car at the airport for two weeks? Either way, there’s a parking space waiting for you with Way.com.

One-Tap Reservations.All you need is your phone. Reservations are fast and easy to do. (Just please don’t reserve while driving. Arrive at the airport safely!)

Smart Parking.A growing number of our partner lots have Smart Parking enabled. With Smart Parking, your phone (running the Way app) lets you open the parking gate automatically via Bluetooth. More on Smart Parking in our FAQ.

Price Match Guarantee.True, Way.com is not the only discount parking provider out there. But at Way, you’re guaranteed the best parking rate.

We have the Short-Term and the Long -Term Parking option to choose from. The above explanation on Short-Term and Long-Term parking options can help you greatly in selecting the best plan for you.

If you find a cheaper parking rate anywhere else, Way will give you an extra 25% off that price. You will always find the best airport parking rates on Way.com.

This is our Price Match Guarantee. Only Way customers get this kind of parking deal.

How to Reserve Airport Parking in the Way App

Security: Before you make your decision on the parking option to use if you really automobile about the safety of your automobile you need to inquire about the security of any parking area you are willing to make use of. You have to ensure that your automobile is secure in anywhere you are going to park it. You should check if there are available CCTV cameras which work 24/7, all this information can be found in airport comparison site. With this, you will be able to ascertain the level of security and also how safe is your automobile if you decide to make use of any airport parking area.

1. Select ‘Parking’ in the Way app, or on Way.com. Search for your local airport by full name or code (for example, ‘SFO’).

2. Locate the parking lot with the best rate and closest proximity to the terminals. (Please Note: Almost every parking lot on Way has a free shuttle to/from the lot.)

3. Tap to set your check-in/check-out times.

4. Tap again to add the reservation to your travel bag. Once you’re ready, tap to checkout with your card.

5. That’s it! Your parking space is reserved & waiting for you. No need to drive in circles looking for a close space, or digging out your wallet to pay the lot fee on-arrival.

This process is the same whether you use the Way app or reserve on Way.com.

Your One-Tap Travel Planning Aid

Way not only gives you a simpler option than circling around airport parking lots over & over. It also gives you the chance to vet your parking options, and grab some delicious food to start your trip off right!

REVIEWS: Not sure which parking lot to choose? Read the reviews! Other Way customers have been to these lots & left their impressions in the Way app (and on Way.com). Just like Yelp, you’ll see which lots do a good job of keeping cars safe, and which to avoid.

DINING DEALS: Want to enjoy something better than airline food before (or after) your flight? Don’t forget...you can also use Way to find nearby restaurants too!

We partner with hundreds of restaurants surrounding every major (and most smaller) airports. Everything from a fine sit-down sushi restaurant to tasty local burgers. All at special partner rates you’ll only get from Way.

Just select the ‘Dining’ option in your Way app, and search for your airport.

Park and Fly with Ease…Your Way

It’s time to make your next flight a great experience. Next time you have a flight, skip the stress of hunting for a parking space. Reserve yours ahead of time with the Way app. You’ll save time and money on great parking, guaranteed.

Ready to start using Way? Install the Way app via your phone’s App Store below.

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