Airport Parking FAQ

What Is Airport Parking?

If you need to fly to different cities or countries often, getting to the airport by taxi or a ride-share service can be expensive. If you have a car you can drive, driving down to the airport would be a better transportation option than paying extra for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. Airport parking lots and garages allow you to park your vehicle, for a long term or short term, while you are away on your trip. Most of these airport parking lots will provide free airport shuttles.

What Is Long Term Airport Parking?

Airport long term parking is the perfect airport parking option if you need to park your car for an extended amount of time. Long term airport parking is more cost-effective than short term daily airport parking. The reason why airport long term parking is the best airport parking option is because long term parking has a lower daily parking rate, which will cost you less than parking in a short term parking lot.

What Is Short Term Airport Parking?

Airport short term parking is the airport parking option to choose when the parking duration is less than a day or very few days. The daily short term airport parking rate will be higher than the daily long term airport parking rate, but it is an ideal airport parking option for those who need to park for just a few hours, picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport, or want to park closer to the airport terminals.

What Is the Cheapest Airport Parking?

To get the cheapest airport parking, start finding your airport parking deals by going online and search for airport parking coupons, discounts, and offers. You can also visit to book cheap airport parking.

What Is Valet Airport Parking?

Valet parking or the meet and greet parking generally involves you leaving your car at a specified location outside or near the airport terminal entrance. An airport parking valet attendant or driver will drive your vehicle for you to an airport parking lot and will drive your vehicle back to you from the airport parking lot when you arrive at the airport terminal.

What Is Economy Parking at the Airport?

Several airports offer an economy airport parking lot option. The economy airport parking lot is where you can park your vehicle at the cheapest airport parking rates for onsite airport parking. This airport parking option is especially helpful if you travel often, on a tighter budget, or are planning to travel for a reasonably long time.

What Is Offsite Airport Parking?

An offsite airport parking lot is an airport parking option that is not located within the airport itself. Offsite airport parking lots are usually located on the outskirts of the airport and are managed by third parties.

What Is Onsite Airport Parking?

Onsite airport parking lots are located within the airport’s boundary. Onsite airport parking lots are usually owned by the airport authorities and are therefore the closest airport parking option to the airport. Onsite airport parking lots are generally more expensive than offsite airport parking lots.

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