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10 Easy Car Mods You Should Try Out

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Can you believe that there are easy car mods you can go for which are totally inexpensive? You can add these to your wish list and give your car a new look. Also, these mods are easily available at your nearest stores at the best affordable rates. The benefit of using these modifications is that they add to your car’s fuel economy and performance. 

Make sure that you compare the cost of your car mods before you buy yours. Similarly, a quality check before you buy ensures you don’t have to go for frequent replacements. We shall see some of the easy car mods you should try. 

10 Easy Car Mods You Should Try Out

Easy Car Mods Within Your Budget 

Here are some of the easy car mods within your budget that you should give a try: 

Window tints 

If you want a cool and comfortable drive, try changing your window tints to darker ones. However, make sure you choose the right tints for your cars, which are neither too dark nor too light. Just confirm they have the accurate VLT (Visible Light Transmission) ratio, which makes it one of the easy car mods. Window Depending on your car type, window tints are available between $100 to $400.

Wheels and tires 

Try replacing your wheels and tires with lighter types that are easier to use. The wrong kind of tires can make driving an unpleasant experience. The lighter your tires and wheels, the better your driving will be. Try to drive with equal weight on all your wheels and tires to get the best feel. 


If you are planning to making your drive fun and comfortable, change your springs immediately. Also, try to make your springs shorter than 30 mm to reduce tire wear while driving. Changing your car springs help in balancing body weight and makes acceleration and braking smoother. Can you believe you can replace your car springs from $30 onwards? You can go for better springs now, within your budget. 

Exhaust system 

GPF backward is one of the best affordable exhaust types. These types of exhaust systems filter gasoline particles pumped into the engine and make clean circulate inside your car.  

Also, most drivers prefer GPF since it reduces CO2 emissions and is much safer. You can get exhaust systems for less than $200. Most providers club them with accessories like carpet mats and offer them at a reasonable cost. 

10 easy car mods you should go for

Other easy car mods you can go for 

Here are some of the other easy mods you can try out: 

Interior lighting kit 

Giving your car a cool and impressive look is now possible using the interior lighting kit. These kits change the look of your car and decorate it in the simplest ways. One of the reasons you should go for this kind of lighting is because these are one of the most long-lasting modifications. Similarly, they consume less power and are quite easy to install and use. 

Racing stripes 

A racing strip, also known as the car decal, is a vinyl strip cut at the length of your car. These accessories are mostly found in traditional classics and have become more popular. These stripes also transform your car by adding a contrasting strip, separating it from the body color. You can go for these mods anytime, as they are the most affordable ones, costing only about $25 to $150. 

Car door lights 

Car door lights are a rare modification limited to a few providers. These normally come with a company logo, giving your car an entirely different look. Some cars come with door lights that display the car logo as you open the doors. Car door lights also improve the car’s operational efficiency. These lights are available from $14 onwards with customizations. 

High-flow intake air filter 

A high-flow intake air filter is one of the most economical and easy car mods you can buy. These filters are available in the market at all prices you can afford. These filters usually keep dust and dirt out and are restrictive. Since they are cheap and easily available, you’ll also have to keep them clean or replace them when needed.  


Superchargers help your engine draw extra power from the engine. However, these help cooler air and fuel flow within the car. However, if you’d like to improve fuel efficiency, you should try reconstructing the engine. If you’re planning to buy superchargers, you can now get them at $30, especially for your Tesla, which uses more superchargers. 

Weight reduction 

Reducing the weight of your car improves its performance. There are a few ways you can minimize your car’s weight. One way is to remove the radio and speakers. You can also try avoiding the wiper motors and windshield wipers. Similarly, try shifting the battery to the right side, where the weight stays balanced. Another way to reduce weight is by changing to lighter seats.  

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