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10 easy hacks to keep your car clean

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Car cleaning and maintenance can sometimes get a bit difficult ‚Äď but not for you! In this post, we’ve mentioned 10 easy hacks you can use to keep your car clean.

1. Use baby wipes to clean your windshield and windows  

Who knew baby wipes could also clean your car’s windshield and windows without any streak. Baby wipes are made of soft materials, and they won’t harm your car’s windshield. However, use it only when absolutely necessary and don’t have access to a dedicated glass cleaning product. ¬†

2. Roll down your windows while cleaning them   

Most car owners simply spray the cleaning product onto the windows and wipe them. They tend to miss the dirt on top of the window. This dirt, if left uncleaned, can streak down on a rainy day. Make sure you roll down the window and clear off the dirt stuck on the top too.   

3. Use dryer sheets to remove bug splat  

Have you ever returned from a road trip with bug splats all over your car’s exterior? Use the dryer sheets to remove those bug splats without any hassle. However, if the stain is deeply embedded, we recommend you visit a car wash near you to clean it.

Easy hacks to keep your car clean

4. Leave the sponge ‚Äď take the microfiber towel! ¬†

Close your eyes. Imagine someone washing a car. What are they cleaning with? Do you see a sponge in their hand ‚Äď if yes, we have a piece of news for you. You should never use a sponge to wash your car because dirt can get stuck on the pores, and when used on your car’s exterior, it can cause scratches. Even new sponges are abrasive. We’d highly recommend using a car-specific wash mitt or a microfiber towel while washing and detailing your car.¬†¬†¬†

5. Baking soda to remove odor   

All you need is a pinch of baking soda to remove any unpleasant¬†odor¬†from your car’s seats and doormats. Sprinkle the baking soda on the floor mats, seats, and other surfaces, wait for a little while and vacuum it.¬† ¬†¬†

6. Use vinegar for odor removal  

Vinegar is also an excellent odor remover because it has the quality to neutralize foul smells. Pour white vinegar into a cup and leave it overnight in your car.  

7. Use Velcro curler to remove pet hairs   

You can use Velcro curlers to remove the hairs of your furry friend from the car ‚Äď yes, you heard that right. The process is pretty simple: pick a spot where you notice hair and roll the curlers over the area to remove any stray hairs. You can also use lint rollers to remove deeply embedded hairs.¬†¬†

8. One WD-40, multiple benefits  

Having a WD-40 in your car can do your vehicle a world of good in times of need. From cleaning bird poops to fixing squeaky doors, WD-40 can be used for multiple car maintenance activities. For example, to clean an egged car window, spray WD-40, wipe down the mess and rinse it off with water. 

9. Apply peanut butter to remove tar spots     

Apply peanut butter ‚Äď not the crunchy ones ‚Äď on the tar spot and wipe it with a towel. It may sound weird but, it does get the job done. Thanks to the peanut butter’s oil content, it can easily remove the tar from your car’s exterior.¬†¬†¬†

10. When overwhelmed, seek professional help  

Most car owners find DIY car wash techniques too complicated. Remember, you can cause irreparable damage to your driving partner if you follow incorrect washing techniques. You can visit a professional car wash near you to clean your car. For a hassle-free and affordable car washing experience, use the Way.com app or website. You can book the best car washes near you on Way.com in just under five minutes. 

Do you use other hacks to keep your car clean. Let us know we’ll feature them in our list.

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