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10 New Year’s Resolutions That All Car Owners Should Follow

  • Holiday Travel Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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A new year is a perfect time to set goals and resolutions. These resolutions could be related to academics, finance, fitness, emotional well-being, etc. In short, they are meant to make you a better person by the end of the year – and we think being a better car owner is equally important. Your car is your prized possession and companion on the road. As a car owner, it’s your responsibility to care for it. Here are ten new year’s resolutions that every car owner should follow.   

1. Learn how to jump-start your car  

You have an important meeting in a few minutes. You get into your car and turn the key. The only sound you hear is your engine clicking, and that’s the sound of a dead battery! And things can get worse if you don’t know how to jump-start your car. You will have to wait for the mechanic to arrive or request your neighbor to help start your car. But, what if there’s no one to help. That’s why knowing how to jump-start your car is essential. You can avoid being stranded on the road or help a fellow traveler jump-start his vehicle with this knowledge.  

2. Have a car maintenance checklist in place  

Some vehicle owners don’t follow a car maintenance schedule and rush to the mechanic only when there’s a big issue. If you’re one of them, ditch that habit this year. Inspect your vehicle regularly and fix all the minor problems before they turn into severe ones. A car maintenance checklist can help you pay more care and attention to your car. Also, having a car maintenance checklist in place can help save you hundreds of dollars each year.  

3. Make sure to have a well-stocked car emergency kit  

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and having a car emergency kit can make all the difference in such situations. A well-stocked car emergency kit can save your life and vehicle or help you survive until assistance arrives. Make sure you carry a car emergency kit every time you travel, especially while going on long road trips in harsh weather conditions.  

New year's resolution - car emergency kit

4. Never ignore what your car is trying to tell you

Your car communicates its problems through the lights in your dashboard. So, if it’s lit up like a Christmas tree, don’t neglect it. Ignoring these warning lights can often lead to trouble. The warning lights are on because the components in your car are either activated, deactivated, malfunctioning, or need replacing. Get it checked by a mechanic and fix the problem as soon you notice it.   

what's your car trying to tell you - infographics

 5. Learn how to fill gasoline and transport it safely using a gas can  

Let’s accept it, we all have been stranded in the middle of the road because our car ran out of gas. We wish we had carried an extra gas can with us at that moment. You can avoid these circumstances if you’re familiar with the process of filling gas in a can. If you don’t know how to do it, this got to be on your new year’s resolution list.

Remember, gasoline is highly flammable, and you need to be extremely careful while filling it in a can and transporting it. To fill and transport gas safely, read this post: How to fill and transport gasoline safely using a gas can.   

6. Fix punctures after removing nails from your tire on your own

Even the safest driver in the world can fall prey to a nail puncturing their tire. Some car owners don’t know how to change a flat tire and fix a puncture. Knowing these techniques can help you when you’re stuck in a place with no help or cell phone service. A simple YouTube tutorial can help you acquire this much-needed knowledge.   

7. Make sure your car is as ready as you are before a road trip  

We all love road trips. The scenic roads and the never-ending horizon will make our inner wanderlust happy. But sometimes a problem in your vehicle can play spoilsport. Therefore, this year before you head out for a road trip, make sure your car is as ready as you are.  

How to check your car before a roadtrip

8. Follow simple hacks to keep your car clean   

You no longer have to invest in expensive equipment and tools to clean your car. You can save hundreds of dollars every year by following simple car cleaning hacks and tricks. Use our ten easy and simple hacks to keep your car spotless all the time.   

9. You’ll act immediately if your car smells bad  

When your car smells bad, never take it lightly because it can cause serious health hazards. Identify the reason for the odor and fix it immediately. An unpleasant car smell inside the vehicle can ruin your driving experience, and at the same time, can even affect your health!

Weird car smells and how to fix them

10. You’ll get a car wash subscription to save money  

To keep your car in its best condition, you need to wash it regularly. Yes, regular visits to car washes can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you skip your car wash schedule. If you don’t already have a car wash subscription, we highly recommend getting one this year. If you’re looking for an affordable car wash subscription, then your search ends with Way.com. Using the Way.com unlimited car wash subscription, you can now access top-rated car washes near you at affordable prices.

We hope these new year’s resolutions will help you maintain your vehicle better this year.

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