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10 Things Driving a Corvette Says About You

  • What your car brand says about you
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 3 minutes

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Corvette owners have a completely unfair reputation: middle-aged, chain-wearing blue-collar workers who want to be fancy. But what’s so wrong with having a weekend toy to take for a spin in the sunshine? (But not in the rain. These cars are particular, like you.) 

Here are 10 things driving a Corvette says about you: 

1. It’s not your only car. 

There are a handful of Corvette drivers who use their Corvettes as their day-to-day primary vehicle. But most owners reserve their ‘Vettes for car shows, weekend driving, or as track cars. Running boring errands only interferes with your plans to keep your car pristine — and seen. You choose to bring out the car strategically, ensuring it’s appreciated for all its classic glory.  

2. You expect your car to last. (Oh, and you’re also planning to live forever.)

According to Charles Kenny, a psychologist who works with automakers to understand consumers’ car choices, Corvette owners don’t take scratches to their beloved vehicles well. They want their cars to look spotless for…forever. They want these things to last forever, and they want to last forever,” Kenny said. They’re never going to sell it. In fact, a lot of Corvette owners, when they buy a new Corvette, they keep the other one.” Also, Con Air and 2 Fast 2 Furious probably stress you out. So much beautiful destruction. 

3. You’re patient. 

Let’s just say you didn’t buy a Corvette because it’s low maintenance. 

4. You won’t fork out the money on a Ferrari.  

 It’s a (perhaps) unfair assumption — and there certainly are some super-rich Corvette owners, and even owners of both — but the Corvette is often seen as the affordable sports car, at only a fraction of the price of a Ferrari. 

5. You choose to buy American. 


The Corvette is the Harley-Davidson of sports cars — “America’s flagship sports car,” if you will — and we’d argue it remains more iconic than the Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger. It’s a patriotic choice.  

6. You’re nostalgic.  

The midlife-crisis sports car purchase is a thing only because it’s by the time you reach midlife that you can finally afford the car of your teenage dreams. And there’s nothing wrong with making those dreams come true.  

corvette 7. You’re into motorsports.  

Drive a BMW, and no one’s going to stop you in the parking lot to chat about NASCAR.  

8. You are not a doctor or banker. (But might be an astronaut?)

So even though the Corvette is proudly known as the workingman’s (or woman’s) sports car, the NASA connection is pretty cool. NASA set up a program with GM to provide astronauts cars of their choice after the first American in Space, Alan Shepherd, drove his ’57 ‘Vette to training. And most of them picked Corvettes for themselves and family cars for their wives. Because most Corvette drivers can admit their cars aren’t ideal for grocery runs and school drop-offs. 

9. You don’t share.

This isn’t a family sedan. You lend out your keys with great hesitation and anxiety. Your job as a Corvette owner is to keep your car safe. And letting your teenager, colleague or neighbor give it a spin goes against everything you believe in.  

 10. You use your car alarm. 

The Corvette tops the list of most-stolen classic vehicles. You’re not going to take a chance in a parking lot, underground garage, or even in your own driveway. Security measures are a must. 

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