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10 Things Driving a Honda Accord Says about You

  • What your car brand says about you
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 3 minutes

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You don’t drive the flashiest car, but maybe that’s the point? Here are 10 things driving a Honda Accord says about you:

1. You’re reliable, just like your car.  You value getting to your destination on time and without any surprises. Honda drivers are practical, thoughtful, and down-to-earth — and carefully choose vehicles they know won’t let them down. 

2. You’re smart with money. The Accord is not an impulse purchase, nor is it a bank-breaker. You bought a quality, reasonably priced vehicle for its decent gas mileage, high safety ratings, and excellent resale value. Why spend more on something that might depreciate faster and require more costly maintenance?


3. You don’t need to stand out in a crowd. The Honda Accord has been one of the United States’ best-selling sedans for decades. Every parking lot is full of them. But sometimes something is popular for a reason. You opted for a good car, not a unique one. 

4. You’re not vain. The Honda Accord is not known for its overwhelming beauty. No one’s doing a double-take when you drive by, and you’re totally fine with that. You don’t need a car for an ego boost, you need it to get from A to B, and you’re kind of proud of that. (You roll your eyes at Mustang drivers, right?) All that said, you’re not going to drive an ugly car either. You went with a stylish car, not a splashy one.

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5. You went to college.  According to one report, 70% of Honda drivers have a college degree or higher (as opposed to only 35% of Chevy drivers). Your car choice is an educated one. 

6. You’ve got a great life. Maybe you don’t need to prove anything with a cooler car because you’re actually satisfied with your life. The folks at Men’s Health assume Honda Accord drivers are family-focused individuals in great careers — in education or health care, maybe? — with decent social lives. They explore the great outdoors on weekends, have unpretentious shopping habits, and are generally content with their day-to-day lives. 

 7. You don’t talk about your car much — just like JesusYou took a page out of Jesus’ playbook: I did not speak of my own Accord.” 


8. You’re okay with the jokes. There are countless Accord dad jokes and puns. And while you may roll your eyes at them, you’ve also been known to share a few. Why miss out on the fun?  

Q: What do you call a Honda in France? 

A: The Paris Accord. 

“My wife and I couldn’t agree on whether to get a Honda or a Toyota. But we eventually came to an Accord.”

9. You’re a millennial. According to a 2019 report by CNBC, the Honda Accord is the number-one car amongst millennials. (For those doing the math: that’s people between the ages of 26 and 41.) It’s the era of carpooling, career building, and family outings. A reasonably priced, comfortable, reliable car fits the bill. You’re also more likely to vote Democratic 

 10. You bought it used. That good with money” thing we mentioned earlier? The Honda Accord retains its value, lasts forever, and is a popular second-hand option. Buying a pre-loved Accord just reinforces the assumption that the Accord driver has a good head on their shoulders. 

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