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10 Things Driving a Porsche Says about You

  • What your car brand says about you
  • Silas Smith
  • 5 minutes

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There’s no car lover on this planet who hasn’t dreamed of laying hands on a brand-spanking new Porsche. They’re ultimate driving machines that will make you smile every time you take them out for a spin. From top-spec 911s to Macans and Taycans, they have a model for enthusiasts of every kind. Today, let’s see what driving a Porsche says about your personality. Let’s go!   

You love driving

Well, that’s quite obvious. You don’t buy a Porsche to be chauffeured around. Porsches are adrenaline-inducing machines whose full potential is explored, not only on the track but also in regular road conditions. You’ll be nowhere near experiencing that if you’re in the backseat of the Cayennes, Panameras, or Macans (whether these count as real Porsches is debatable) or even in the front seat, next to the driver. 

And this quite explains why Porsche continues to be a daily driver for many of them out there, even if they have much more luxurious Bimmers, Mercs, or even Rolls Royces in their garages. 

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You’re patient 

Porsches have a waiting time of over 9-11 months (no pun intended) from the date of booking. This can even go up to 15 or 18 months in some cases. That means getting a Porsche requires not only money but also some patience. 

You have that racing DNA! 

Porsche cars are known for their track prowess as well as their daily drivability. This is again an interesting mix! Not everyone gets to take their car to the racetrack every now and then. So, imagine if they had a machine with a racetrack-kind of experience every single day. That’s what a Porsche does. So, driving a Porsche says that you have that racing DNA somewhere inside you. 

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Driving a Porsche says that you are content

Driving a Porsche says that you are content with whatever the car has to offer rather than being perplexed by what other manufacturers have to offer in the same price range. All that matters to them is the driving feel, rather than those gimmicky features.  

You hate garage queens. 

You can have McLarens, Aston Martins, or even a Ferrari or Lamborghini and simply park them in your garage. But we can assure you that nobody has ever bought a Porsche just to decorate their garage. Porsche owners love driving their machines to the core, exploring their full potential by adding mods and upgrades like custom downpipes, exhausts, intakes, ECU maps, etc. 


Driving a Porsche says that you’re confident

Porsches are often daily drivers, and it takes immense confidence to drive such a highly powerful car on a daily basis.   

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You love those gradual, step-by-step upgrades 

People are of two kinds. Those who aim for the highest in one shot, and those who enjoy gradual step-by-step growth. Just like you graduate from one grade to the next. Driving a Porsche says that you’re of the latter kind.   

Most first-time Porsche owners tend to start off with the entry-level 911s, i.e., the Carrera range like the Carrera, Carrera T, or the Cabriolet, depending upon their personal preference and driving habits. Slowly marching up the ranks, they move to the GTS range, then the Turbos, all fueling the deep desire to graduate to the ultimate driving machines in the GT3 range. 

Image by Tân Nguyễn from Pixabay 

You’re a Paul Walker fan

Though Paul had a tragic incident with his Porsche, we all know how much he adored them. The majority of his—or rather, Brian O’Conner’s—fans are naturally drawn to his taste in automobiles. 

Driving a Porsche says that you love to socialize 

Porsche owners often form groups with like-minded drivers, go on long drives, experience the models others have, bond, and elevate the common love they have for Porsches to a whole new level. 

You are loyal

If you ask someone who owns a Porsche (It’s very likely that they’ll have other brand cars in his garage) about his idea of a one-car garage, he’ll probably respond with a “911”. That explains how loyal Porsche owners are to the brand. 

As some owners aptly put it, driving a Porsche is like being on a little slice of heaven on earth. Getting your hands on one takes a lot of money and time (unless you were born with a silver spoon). But that is indeed a rewarding experience. Something you’d never regret! 

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