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10 Things Driving a Subaru Says About You

  • What your car brand says about you
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 5 minutes

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Drive a Subaru? We know more about you than you might realize. (And, no, we’re not ditching the outdoorsy stereotype just yet.) 

 Here are 10 things driving a Subaru says about you: 

1. You love your car. 


 Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.” Subaru’s hugely successful campaign stemmed from the fact that when asked how they felt about their vehicles, most Subaru owners responded with an emotional response, not a practical one: it was love. 

How many other car owners write love letters to their cars? 

 2. Your car loves you (and your community) back. 

Which probably just makes you love your car more, right? 

This is no one-way relationship. Your car is here for you and your neighborhood. There’s the Subaru Love Promise, with dealerships giving back to their communities in a variety of ways and tapping into the causes that mean a lot to Subaru drivers, like the environment, animal welfare, education, and hunger-relief. In the last 13 years, Subaru has donated more than $200 million to charity. That’s something to swoon over. 

3. You’re loyal. 

 Every aging car longs to be bragged about the way a Subaru driver brags about their dirty old Forester.  

 While some might claim the worst thing about Subaru drivers is how they won’t shut up about being Subaru drivers — Subarus rate really high when it comes to consumer loyalty — we think your loyalty is admirable. Even when you call your car a “Subie.” 

(We just hope this unquestioning loyalty spills over to other relationships, too.) 

 4. You’re outdoorsy.

The Earth-loving hippie stereotype is rooted — pardon the pun, tree-huggers — in some truth. The off-pavement-ready, all-wheel-drive Subaru is an outdoor person’s dream: tough enough for any terrain in any weather, plenty of space for all your gear, and roof rails for your kayak. Rugged individualists” have been among the company’s target demographic for decades, long before it was cool to wear Patagonia as streetwear. 

(And if you’re not up for a camping adventure, at least you look like you are. With hybrid options now — and the upcoming EV Solterra — and new vegan seating, you can be an urban environmentalist.) 

5. Your back seat smells like dog. 

Subaru drivers are pet people. And you’re not going camping without your dog, right? Subaru’s Love Promise includes a Subaru Loves Pets” initiative which involves adoption events and providing shelters with supply kits. Subaru’s magazine even has a pet category. (This is a brand that knows its target customer.)

6. Safety matters—but so does driving in luxury.

Which comes first: Loving your car or feeling safe in it? Subaru frequently scores top marks in safety ratings, something its owners are pretty proud of.  Advanced architecture called the Subaru Global Platform” and new interactive technology allows for safer rides and better accident prevention. 

But Subaru isn’t a luxury brand just because it can get you safely from point A to point B. Subarus are for drivers who want it all: wilderness adventures and heated steering wheels, plenty of cabin room, and an advanced infotainment system. Let’s not overlook the Subaru DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System, either. Your car can remember up to five driver preferences: from seat position to climate settings to mirror positioning. So even if you rotate drivers on your cross-country road trip, everyone gets to drive in ultimate comfort.  

7. You’re not afraid of snowstorms.


Speaking of safety… 

When the weather outside is frightful, you’re not staying home. Colder climate Subaru drivers love the control they have on snowy roads, thanks to good road clearance and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. And the Outback now has heated rear seats, ensuring your passengers will lay off the backseat driving and just nap through the blizzard. 

(Just keep your road confidence in check. Subaru drivers can have an obnoxious driver” reputation, especially when they’re feeling too cocky in bad weather. Show a little respect for your Subaru-less road-sharers.)

8. You’re getting old(er). Or you’re just good at planning ahead. 

AAA listed the Subaru Forester as one of the best vehicles for older drivers, citing its accessibility, visibility, features’ ease of use, and high safety rating. (New EyeSight driver-assist technology has proven to cut down on crashes.) 

So whether you’re currently in need of an easy entry and exit, or just planning ahead for yourself or a loved one, your car choice wasn’t just a cool lifestyle one, it was a practical consideration, too.  

9. You’re a lesbian. 

The joke about Lesbarus” is rooted in some pretty cool car marketing history. Once upon a time — in the mid-to late ‘90s — Subaru discovered that lesbians were four times more likely than the average consumer to buy a Subaru. They loved the size, dependability, and how the vehicles fit their active, low-key lifestyle.” It was a match made in heaven as then-struggling Subaru started marketing specifically to this niche demographic with fun coding” in its campaigns, like Xena references on license plates or taglines with double meanings. (And this was at a time when very few companies dared to publicly acknowledge their queer customers let alone embrace them in marketing materials.) 

It was a huge success and Subaru remains a popular gay-friendly” brand today.  

Favorite tagline of that era: Get Out. And Stay Out.” 

10. You voted for Biden.

 There are real stats behind this one, too. According to data collected by a market research firm prior to the last election, Subaru drivers are more likely to lean Democratic. (Another Subaru stereotype is that their owners like bumper stickers. So even without this research, we probably already knew who you voted for.) 

Did we get it right, Subaru drivers? 

10 Things Driving a Subaru Says About You

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