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10 Things Driving a Toyota Prius Says About You

  • What your car brand says about you
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 3 minutes

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Are you “slow and smug” or “eco-friendly and financially responsible”? Maybe all of the above. Here’s what driving a Toyota Prius says about you.

1. You’re the original green driver — and proud of it.

The Prius gets a lot of flack, in part because it was a green-vehicle trailblazer. You drive the luxury hybrid that started it all and take a lot of pride in making good decisions for the planet on your daily commute.

2. You hate paying for gas.

You might have the funds for a Prius, but you’re not interested in spending your hard-earned cash on gas. Prius drivers can tell you exactly what MPG they get on their commute — and how the number differs in the city from on the highway — and love to brag about how infrequently they fill up on gas, and how little they spend at the pump each year. And that “slow driver” reputation? While mostly unfounded — or attributed to “confirmation bias” — it can also be related to driving strategies used to maximize battery power and save on gas.


3. You also have a gas guzzler at home.

Some call this the “Diet Coke effect.” Researchers in California found that many owners of eco-friendly hybrids also have ultra-inefficient vehicles in their driveways. You save the planet on weekdays, wreak havoc on it on the weekends.

4. You can’t afford a Tesla.

It is what it is, right?

5. You don’t need to stand out.

Ugly? Bland? Decent looking? Even if you like the aesthetics, you know your car’s not going to win any beauty contests. There’s nothing that screams “Look at me!” about the Prius. If anything, you don’t give off insecure-diver vibes.

6. You appreciate low maintenance.

Unlike, say, Corvette drivers, you are not interested in a project. You love the reliability and durability of your car, and don’t have a close relationship with your local mechanic.

7. You drive for Uber.

The Prius is a top choice for taxi drivers, in part because of its reliability and money saved on gas, but also because of its ample cabin room. No cramped legs in this backseat.


8. You’re political and passionate.

You wear your heart on your…car choice? In 2002, The Washington Post called hybrids “Hollywood’s latest politically correct status symbol.” While there’s no obligation driving a Toyota Prius to a political march or vegan restaurant, you’re still making a careful statement about the planet with your car. (At the least, you’re just being eco-trendy and don’t mind the association.)

9. Just because you want to save the planet doesn’t mean you’re going to do so uncomfortably.

Prius drivers believe they have the best of both worlds: an earth-friendly money-saver, and a luxury vehicle with ample legroom, storage, the latest technology, and impressive safety ratings. The sacrifices for the planet, ultimately, feel pretty negligible.

10. You don’t mind being hated.

Hippie, hipster, elitist: you’ve heard it all. You walk a fine line, stereotype-wise: are you a smug tree-hugger or a smug rich liberal?

Prius drivers get a lot of (unfair) criticism. It doesn’t matter how fast you drive, someone will label you a slowpoke. Studies will accuse you of not stopping at crosswalks like you think you own the road. And your HOV privileges (in some states) will always anger other drivers who have to carpool for such access. You’re aware of the hate and keep on driving. Long-time Prius driver Leo DiCaprio probably doesn’t care what people think, so why should you?

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