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10 types of car parkers you’ll see at every parking lot 

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Parking lots are where you’ll make an amazing revelation – there are as many different types of drivers as there are car models! If we tried to map the personalities of every person behind the wheel of a vehicle, the list would be endless. And yet, every parking lot is a character study of the sometimes wacky, sometimes annoying, and the downright entertaining. Here are 10 types of drivers you’ll meet at a parking lot – which one are you? 

1. The ‘lemme-just-squeeze-in-here’ guy 

Some drivers have a warped perception of space – which would be okay as long as they didn’t try to fit their vehicle into every little spot! The ‘squeezers’ often vastly underestimate the length and breadth of their car, often parking so close to other vehicles that they inconvenience everyone but themselves! 

2. The one who always backs in  

Time is money, yes – but how much money do you think you’ll save by backing into a parking spot? There’s always the odd one out who goes out of his/her way to ensure they’re ready to drive away. We reckon they don’t mind taking the extra effort to stand out in a crowd – who’re we to judge? 

3. The Parallel Parking Dreader 

Though this isn’t that common at a parking lot, it’s still a popular stereotype when parking on the street – with more than a few of us relating to it! Parallel parking can be an absolute pain even on the best days. On the worst days, you may even curse yourself for having a car! However, full marks for those who try again, and again, and again… you get the drift!

4. The Douche who parks in a Handicapped Spot 

Some drivers think they look cool by hogging the disabled parking spots. What they don’t realize is that it makes them look insensitive to the hilt, and an annoyance to everyone else. And before you ask: no, you can’t randomly say “I’m on the spectrum” as an excuse to park in a disabled spot – or at least not until you have a permit!

types of car parkers

5. The Smooth Operator 

To be honest, we’re all in awe of these kinds of drivers. Some of them are naturally gifted at zooming into a parking lot, navigating themselves into the perfect spot, in the perfect position, at the perfect time… and extricating themselves from the most congested lots. Having a sixth sense like that is something we’d trade our wheels for! Unfortunately most of us end up like our next type…

 6. The Clueless Parker

The clueless driver is a force of nature – he can bring movement in the lot to a standstill just through indecision! He can be usually found waltzing through the parking lot looking for the ‘perfect’ spot to his liking – and when he does, he ensures everyone knows he wants it. What follows is live-action horizontal Tetris, as cars rearrange to try and let him get what he wants – otherwise, no one’s going anywhere!

7. The one who gets stuck every time 

Ah, to be forsaken by luck and skill is an unfortunate combination indeed!  These drivers usually find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place (pun intended). Not only do they refuse to ask for help, but they also maneuver themselves into the most inescapable positions, causing trouble for everyone!

8. The one who forgot where they parked 

These fellas are easy to recognize – they can be seen standing in the middle of the parking lot with a clueless expression on their face and their key high in the air, trying to find where they parked. Or even worse, setting off the alarm of another car thinking its theirs! Though there are easy ways to locate your car these days (like the Find My Car app), it takes a special kind of absent-mindedness to do that in 2021!

9. The Patronizer

Unsolicited advice, patronizing comments, and general in-your-face behavior that’s totally unappreciated – yup, that’s what you get from these drivers. Though they can be kind-hearted at times, they end up seeming insufferable because of their exasperation with fellow drivers. Not all of us are parking whizzes, but there’s no need to rub it in!

10. The Good Samaritan 

Easily the most experienced and kind-hearted type of drivers, they usually know a novice in a parking lot when they see one. They can empathize and often step in when things seem to be getting out of hand. From helping you jump-start your car to helping you back out safely, they’ve got your back – and will urge you to pay it forward. Parking gods be blessed!

Which type of parker are you?

Whichever type you identify with, you could probably use a helping hand for a smooth parking experience. Ensure you pre-book a spot at an affordable parking garage with Way.com before you head out to town!

types of car parkers

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