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2011 Toyota Camry Oil Type: Which One to Choose?

  • Car Services
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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The stylish look, reliability, and enough cabin space made Toyota Camry 2011 an instant success among car enthusiasts in the US. What makes the car reliable is the routine maintenance and oil changes. But for that, you need to use the correct oil for your car. So, what is the 2011 Toyota Camry oil type? 

The answer depends on your car’s engine type. If you visit the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you will get info about Toyota Camry 2011 recalls. As of October 2020, there have been five recalls and more than 500 consumer complaints. However, none of these recalls were related to the oil system. 

So, Camry can be a good choice if you’re looking for a secondhand car. But to ensure a smooth run, you must use the correct oil. Keep reading our article about the 2011 Toyota Camry oil type and capacity.  

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What type of oil does a 2011 Toyota Camry take?  

The 2011 Toyota Camry oil type depends on your car model’s engine. The company recommends using the SAE 0W-20 engine oil for the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine and SAE 5W-30 for the 3.5L 6-cylinder engine. The oil can be conventional, synthetic, or a combination.  

SAE 0W-20 is ideal for excellent fuel economy and consistent cold-weather starting. If SAE 0W-20 oil is unavailable, you can use SAE 5W-20 oil temporarily. But replace it with SAE 0W-20 at the next oil change. 

Using SAE 5W-30 is the best for improved fuel economy and smooth cold-weather starting. If you don’t get SAE 5W-30, use SAE 10W-30 oil temporarily. But replace it with SAE 5W-30 during your next oil change. 

Does a 2011 Toyota Camry use synthetic oil? 


As mentioned earlier, the car uses SAE 0W-20 or SAE 5W-30 oil based on the car’s engine type. The oil you use in your car can be synthetic, conventional, or a mixture.

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How can you choose the correct 2011 Toyota Camry oil type? 

You must consider these factors while choosing the Toyota Camry 2011 oil type.  

  • Engine’s age and condition: If you have driven your car many miles or have oil issues, consider using high-mileage oil. If your car is new or in good condition, synthetic oil may be better. 
  • Driving conditions: Synthetic oil may be the best choice if you live in a place with severe temperatures or perform a lot of towing or shipping. It provides better protection in these conditions. 
  • Recommendations from the carmaker: Always check your owner’s manual to see what oil is best for your Camry. Using the wrong oil could damage your car’s engine and cancel the warranty.  

How many liters of oil does a 2011 Toyota Camry take? 

It depends on the type of engine your car has. The oil capacity for a 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine and a 3.5 L 6-cylinder engine will be 4.7 qt and 6.4 qt, respectively, with filter replacement. However, without filter replacement, the oil capacity for a 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine and a 3.5 L 6-cylinder engine will be 4.2 qt and 6 qt, respectively.  

Change your car’s oil regularly and use the correct oil volume for your engine type and whether you change the oil with or without a filter. 

How often should you change the oil in your 2011 Toyota Camry? 

The answer to this depends on the type of oil you use in your car. If you’re using conventional oil, you must change the oil every 3,000 miles driven. But if you’re using synthetic oil, do the oil change service every 10,000 miles driven. But the oil change interval depends on your driving conditions. You may need changes regularly if you’re driving your car in an area with dust, extreme climate, or continuously driving through stop-and-go traffic. So, using synthetic oil will be best for your car in such conditions.  

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How to do an oil change in your Toyota Camry 

Follow these steps to do the oil change in your car.  

Get your car ready 

Ensure you park your Camry on a level area and the engine is cool. Raise the car with a jack and secure it with jack stands. Find the oil pan and the oil filter under your car. 

Drain the old oil 

Then place the oil drain pan under the oil pan. Then remove the drain plug from underneath with a wrench or socket set. Allow the old oil to drain completely. Remove the oil filter with a wrench while the oil is draining. 

Do oil filter replacement  

Apply a thin oil coating to the rubber gasket on the new oil filter. Screw the new oil filter into place till it is hand tight. Avoid overtightening the oil filter. 

Replace the oil 

Use a wrench to tighten the drain plug. Locate and remove the oil filling cap. Use a funnel to fill the oil filler hole with the recommended quantity of new oil. 

Inspect the oil level 

Turn on the engine after replacing the oil filling cap. Allow it to run for a few minutes, then turn it off and use the dipstick to check the oil level. Add extra oil as required to get the correct level.  

Clean up 

Use shop towels or rags to clean up any spilled oil. Check that the oil filter and drain plug are both tight and secure. Remove and properly dispose of the old oil and oil filter. 

What is the 2011 Toyota Camry SE oil type? 

For ideal fuel economy and starting in cold weather, 0W-20 oil is the best choice. If 0W-20 is unavailable, use 5W-20 oil.  

What is the 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid oil type? 

The Hybrid car uses 0W-20 synthetic oil. 

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What is the 2011 Toyota Camry LE oil type? 

You must use 0W-20 oil to get the ideal fuel economy and start in cold weather. If it is unavailable, use 5W-20 oil. But replace it with the 0W-20 synthetic during the next oil change. 

Can I use 5W-30 oil in Toyota Camry? 

If you cannot buy 0W-20 synthetic oil, use 5W-30 mineral oil temporarily. However, you must replace it with the 0W-20 synthetic oil at the next oil change. 

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