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2023 Mustang Mach-E California Route 1: The Electric Wild Horse

  • Cars Explained
  • Silas Smith
  • 5 minutes

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The 2023 Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 is one among the four models available for the EV version of the Mustang. Despite taking a hit on sales in the first quarter of 2023, the Mustang Mach-E is still one of the best performance EVs in the US market. The Mach E is one car that can challenge Tesla in terms of acceleration. Besides, the stylish looks will attract the attention of everyone who lays their eyes on this beauty! 

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Interior of the California Route 1

The streamlined dashboard in the Mach-E has a stylish infotainment screen. In addition, you can enjoy heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. Also, ambient lighting and a panoramic sunroof are some of the highlights of the classy interiors of the Mach-E. 

Ample cargo space is available in the car as the battery is located below the car floor. There is also a compartment to place the charger – all the more space to store cargo! Besides, the frunk is spacious and drainable, so there are no worries about cleaning. Additionally, you can get some extra space for cargo storage when you fold the back seats. 

Engine and Power 

With a 91kWh usable capacity, the California Route 1 comes with an extended-range battery. There are two motors, the primary motor in the rear axle. The secondary motor of the powertrain is on the front axle, making it eAWD. The powerful motors can generate more than 300 horsepower, which results in a stellar performance with smooth handling. 

Mach-E California Route 1: Drive Modes 

The 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 comes with three driving modes- Engage, Whisper, and Unbridle. Engage offers a balanced driving experience which is the standard mode for casual and comfortable driving. Whisper offers a little more freedom for you to accelerate the vehicle. Finally, Unbridle uses most batteries as it will let you bring the best performance out of the car. 


Infotainment Systems 

The Mach-E California Route 1 comes with the SYNC 4A infotainment system. Along with acquiring information about the car and the route, you can get entertainment and connectivity options in one place. The latest connectivity features are available in the Mach-E thanks to Ford’s SYNC 4A feature. 

Some of the highlights of the SYNC 4A system are voice recognition, cloud-based connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility. 

The 15.5-inch screen allows you to get control of infotainment and connectivity features. You can pull up the map with voice commands onto this display. Similarly, you can connect your smartphone and access contacts and music too. 

Mustang Mach-E California Route 1: Safety features 

The Mach-E comes with many driver assistance features that ensure the safety of the passengers as well as the car. You can get Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind-Spot Monitoring, and Automated Emergency Breaking in the Mach-E California Route 1. Other than standard safety features like airbags, safety belts, and door locks, there is an Individual Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Post-Crash Alert System. 

Security features in the 2023 Mustang Mach-E include the Ford MyKey feature, which allows you to program keys to certain driving modes. SecuriCode Keyless-Entry Keypad is also available, which facilitates the remote start of the car. The car also comes with an anti-theft system and intrusion sensors. 


BlueCruise 1.2 is an optional feature that comes with the Mach-E, which offers hands-free highway driving along with features like In-Lane Positioning, Predictive Speed Assist, and Lane Change Assist. 

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What is the difference between the Mach-E and California Route 1? 

The California Route 1 is an expensive trim of the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E. The Mach-E is available in four variants- Select, Premium, California Route 1, and GT. GT version is more focused on performance which can even rival Tesla in terms of acceleration. 

An entry-level Mach-E can hit 60 mph from rest in 6.9 seconds, and its top speed is 111 mph. But for California Route 1, the time taken for 0-60 mph is just 4.8 seconds.  Similarly, the estimated battery range of the entry-level variant is just 250 miles. On the contrary, California Route 1 can go 350 miles on a single charge. 

NB: The estimated range can vary greatly based on factors like the age of the battery, the road, your driving habits, and maintenance.  

What is the difference between California Route 1 and Premium? 

The starting rate for the Premium variant is $46,995. It is an RWD drivetrain and can go approximately 310 miles on a single charge. In terms of acceleration, the time taken for 0-60 mph is 6.3 seconds, according to Ford. 

California Route 1 is eAWD, and the starting price is more than $56,900. But the estimated range is 312 miles which is not much of an improvement from the Premium. But the Extended Range Battery with the California Route 1 can give you some much-needed juice. The reason for a similar range is due to the enhancement in performance of the Mach-E California Route 1. You can cruise to 60 from 0 in less than 5 seconds in one of those!

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