3 Airport Hacks to Save Tons of Money

Traveling can be a stressful process, especially when dealing with airports and knowing you are going to spend a pretty penny on flights. There are many ways you can save money, but we pulled together the top three airport hacks to help you save your hard-earned money when budgeting for your next big trip.

  1. Drive yourself to the airport.

    One of the cheapest ways to get to the airport is to book airport parking in advance and drive yourself. Such as, if you are going to New York for your annual trip to Times Square from Orlando, a great way to save money on MCO airport parking is to reserve your airport parking space in advance through Way. Making the process of booking and redeeming easier with the app on your mobile device (available on iOS and Android) or by going onto the website, you can easily reserve a spot for one or many days, depending on how long your vacation is going to last. With daily parking rates of only $3 to $10, and all parking reservations booked through Way are guaranteed, you can rest easy knowing you not only saved money, but you saved yourself a lot of stress as well!

  2. Keep on the lookout for cheap flights!

    Every so often, airlines have flash sales and major discounts on flights to highly popular destinations in the US and international. These cheap flight deals tend to last for a short amount of time and will only let you book within a certain time frame – so jump at the cheap flight deals when you see it! Numerous sites and apps allow you to set notifications or receive email blasts to make sure you do not miss any flight deals. If you haven’t already done this with your favorite airlines or favorite destinations, jump on it now and start tracking flight deals and travel destinations!

    Now, you may end up having a little more flexibility with your vacation dates and travel destination, with a little hint of adventure in you, who knows? You could end up jetting off to a spontaneous travel destination and end up creating memories that could last a lifetime.

  3. Booking non-direct flights vs. direct flights.

    Have you ever noticed when booking flights, the flights that are non-direct flights vs. direct flights are generally cheaper? A great hack to save a ton of money is to book connecting flights over direct flights, however, choosing non-direct flights does require some research. Start by searching up the direct flight prices to your travel destination and recording the direct flight prices to get an idea of the average cost.

    Next, start researching flights that are not direct flights to your travel destination, and can have up to multiple connecting flights at your desired destination and record the non-direct flight prices. Your goal is to have either the connecting flight or the final flight destination be at the destination of your choice. Once you compare the flight data and figure out what works best with your travel plans, your next step is to book your flight. Now the kicker is, once you take your first flight and are in your destination of choice, instead of continuing the journey to the next place, you just stay where you want to be and enjoy your time! Just remember to opt for carry-on luggage as your check-in bags will end up at the actual final flight destination.


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