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3 convenient ways to get JFK parking 

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Anyone who’s even vaguely familiar with airlines and flying knows how important John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is to America’s aviation sector. Located in New York, it is easily among the top busiest airports in the world! You can understand why – nearly 63 million passengers travel through JFK Airport every year. With such a large footfall, it’s only natural that finding convenient JFK parking comes at a cost. 

jfk parking

The cost here is in terms of both time and money. It’s common for airport visitors to complain about the long time it takes to find a good JFK parking spot. If they do find one easily, it won’t be easy on the wallet. Either way, JFK parking seems like a challenge. We’re here to change that! 

Using these three simple ideas, you can cut down the amount of time and money you spend on finding JFK parking spaces. It will ensure you have a smooth ride to and from the airport, with as little damage to the wallet as possible! 

1. Pre-book JFK parking 

common complaint most New Yorkers have is that they have to navigate a maze of cars to get to the airport in the first place. Once there, they have to drive around the on-site JFK parking lots for quite some time before getting a spot. Well, why not cut through the clutter and pre-book a JFK parking spot? It will solve most of your problems and smoothen out your ride as much as possible. All you need to do is go to the official website, and reserve a convenient space at no extra cost. Either way, it will be cheaper than drive-up rates for JFK parking!  

jfk parking

2. EZ Pass Plus 

Paying for your JFK parking spot should not be an unnecessary hassle. Fumbling for your credit or debit card at the parking counter can add to the frustration and stress you are under when catching a flight. The E-Z Pass Plus facility at JFK parking reduces the entire payment process to a few seconds. You can create an E-Z Pass account, top it up with cash digitally so that the parking fee gets automatically deducted whenever you leave the JFK parking lot. It the fee is less than $20, it will be deducted from your E-Z Pass account. If it is more than $20, it will be charged to the credit card linked to your E-Z Pass account. 

3. Off-site JFK parking 

Why go for on-site parking when there are much cheaper off-site options available? Using Way.com and the Way app, you can book a cheap and contactless parking space at one of the many off-site lots surrounding JFK airport. While on-site JFK parking will cost you at least $8 for every hour, off-site JFK parking is as cheap as $5 per day! Many of these lots have special facilities like free shuttle to and from the airport, car wash, oil change, and much more. Book with us and enjoy maximum savings on JFK parking. 

JFK Parking and Travel Tips 

  • JFK Airport is located at the following address: John F Kennedy International Airport, Queens, NY 11430, USA. 
  • JFK Airport is 18 miles from lower Manhattan. The journey will probably take you around 45 minutes to complete at an average speed and without any delays. However, to be on the safe side, leave for the airport at least 90 minutes before you have to check-in.   
  • Parking coupons are often available for JFK parking and can be accessed through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates.   

jfk parking

Book your airport parking ahead of time with Way online or use our iOS and Android apps now!


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