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3 Easy San Diego Airport Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like a VIP

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If you travel regularly, you know that airports are probably one of the biggest hassles you have to deal with, especially if you’re flying through busy airports like San Diego airport. But what if we told you that you could make even the most mundane travel experiences feel extra luxurious? Well, hang on tight, because here are some San Diego airport hacks that will have you feeling like a VIP on your next trip.

Airport Parking DTW

Go Valet

If you live around San Diego and use that airport to fly out of, the chances are that you’ve had to endure SAN airport parking. As any regular traveler knows, airport parking is not the most convenient thing to deal with. You have to find out which lot to use, make sure you have cash or the right type of credit card, and then deal with the imposing possibility that you may forget where you parked. Not fun, right?

Instead, get the VIP treatment with valet airport parking. All you have to do is pull up to either the Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 SAN airport parking lots and head for the signs marked “Curbside Valet.” Once you pull up, a valet employee will help you unload your luggage and take your car to a safe and secure location within the San Diego airport parking lot. Then, just text the valet number when you arrive to collect your car at the same curb!

To truly get the VIP airport parking experience, we recommend getting the optional car wash and oil change!


Drinks on flights are notoriously expensive unless you’re already in first class (in which case, those eight bucks for a chardonnay is no biggie), so treat yourself by bringing your own booze on board. You know those tiny little bottles of rum or whiskey you can find at the liquor store? They’re the perfect size for bringing on board; as long as they’re under 3oz and you make sure they are zipped up in a one-quart bag, you’ll have no problem getting through SAN security. Once onboard, order your favorite mixer free of charge and make your own cocktail!

One word of caution here: it’s against federal law to consume alcohol on flights that don’t serve it, so double check what’s available on your particular flight. If alcohol is on the menu, a discreet DIY drink is a-ok. If you’re flying out of San Diego International Airport, any airlines operating out of the middle east are usually ones that don’t serve alcohol, so don’t try it there.

Spread the VIP Cheer to Staff

If you want to avoid sneaking booze on board, there is another way to get treated to a VIP experience. Bringing a goodie bag for flight attendants is a surefire way to get on their good side, and that means possible upgrades, extra drinks on the house, or free headphones. We suggest packing a bag with easily sharable items for the staff to split up among themselves: chocolates, chips, even coffee from the airport café is much appreciated.

They’ll be so pleased with the amenities that they’ll have you feeling like you’re flying VIP in no time, even if you’re stuck in the middle seat.

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