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3 great options for airport parking at SeaTac  

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If you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest region, you’d know how important the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – also called SeaTac – is for folks living here. Conveniently located between the two cities of Seattle and Tacoma (both known for their tourist and commercial attractions), it sees more than 50 million travelers pass through its terminals every year – no mean feat at any rate! It’s common for frequent flyers to use the airport parking at SeaTac, where they can conveniently leave their vehicles in peace and fly off on their trip. However, if you’re new to the flight program at SeaTac, you might be doubtful whether it is a viable option. Well, we’re here to assure you that it is! Driving to the airport is a more convenient option than using public transport or ride-sharing. 

airport parking seatac

Here are three great options you can choose for  SeaTac parking saving you lots of time and money in one go!  

Passport Parking Program: Monthly airport parking at SeaTac 

While you’re familiar with the hourly and daily rates for airport parking at SeaTac, monthly parking is an underutilized option that you will find supremely convenient.  

Say goodbye to driving around the official lots every time you need to find airport parking at SeaTac. With monthly parking, you can pay an upfront fee and have a guaranteed parking spot saved for you whenever you want to go on a trip. At $375/month, you will have a dedicated spot saved in the Terminal Direct Garage. That comes down to a daily rate of just $12.5/day – much lower than the actual daily parking fee of $32/day and $39/day at the garages! Did we mention the direct-access sky bridge that’ll take you straight into the main terminal? 

Of course, you may not be using the parking lot every day, but the additional cost is a small price to pay for the convenience of driving up whenever you want. If you want even cheaper rates, you can log onto Way.com and book a spot at up to 60% discount. 

airport parking seatac

Pre-booking facility for airport parking at SeaTac 

Driving up to the airport parking at SeaTac has its disadvantages, since you may not immediately get the parking spot you want! Well, there’s a better deal for you – why not pre-book a safe SeaTac parking spot in advance? That way, the entire journey from home to the airport will be stress-free, with zero hassles. All you have to do is: 

  • Visit the pre-booking website 
  • Select your entry and exit times 
  • Enter your details 
  • Pay using your preferred mode of payment 

If you’re not convinced this is a great optionyou can get an even better deal by going for an off-site airport parking spot! Log on to Way.com or the Way app to book a spot and get the following advantages: 

  • Up to 60% discount over on-site rates 
  • Free shuttle to and from the airport 
  • Flexibility to cancel your booking any time before your journey 
  • No additional fees – what you see is what you get  

Accessible parking  

We don’t talk about accessible parking enough, but SeaTac has got you covered on that front. There are specially designated ADA airport parking spots at SeaTac – on the fifth floor in the General Parking lot and on the fourth floor of the Terminal Direct parking lot. Besides, there are both wheelchair assistance services and wheelchair-friendly paths that will give you direct access to the main terminal. If you need to arrange a wheelchair in advance, contact (206) 246-1550. 

However, you must ensure that your vehicle displays valid disabled identification for airport authorities to verify. 

airport parking seatac

SeaTac Airport Travel Tip 

SeaTac International Airport is around 14 miles from downtown Seattle and roughly 20 miles from downtown Tacoma. If you’re someone who drives at an average speed, the journey will take you around 40-45 minutes to complete. However, to be on the safe side, leave for the airport one-and-a-half hours before you have to checkin. You may encounter unexpected delays during your journey to the airport, particularly if you leave during rush hour or if the highway is under construction and traffic is diverted.  

Book your airport parking ahead of time with Way online or use our iOS and Android apps now!


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