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3 Reasons to Choose Offsite Nashville Airport Parking

  • Cars Explained
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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As the official home of country music, it’s no surprise that thousands of tourists visit Nashville every year. Many musicians, fans, and aspirants call Nashville their home, and not without reason since the city abounds in culture and the arts. However, if you live in Nashville, you too might be itching to go elsewhere. And with plenty of popular destinations in neighboring states, you might be considering taking a flight out of Nashville airport (BNA). However, the cost of long-term Nashville airport parking may put you off the whole idea. 

Fortunately, you can find several BNA airport parking options at privately owned garages and lots near the airport. Here, we list down three reasons why you should choose an offsite airport parking garage instead of on-airport BNA parking services. 

1. Long-term Onsite Nashville Airport Parking is Quite Expensive 

While Nashville airport offers several parking options, including valet parking, terminal garages, and economy lots, parking at these spots can get quite expensive in the long run. Sure, they offer the convenience of finding parking next to the terminals. But it does come with a hefty price tag. Take a look at the parking rates at onsite garages and lots below: 

Garage  Daily Rate 
Terminal Garage 1  $22 
Terminal Garage 2  $22 
Terminal Lot A  $15 
Economy Lot B  $15 
Economy Lot C  $15 
Valet Parking  $29 

As you can see, you could rack up a hefty bill by parking at Nashville airport parking onsite garages and lots. Instead of paying such exorbitant sums, we recommend parking at one of the several offsite parking lots and garages near the airport for a fraction of the cost. And with the money saved, you could buy several cups of coffee or even souvenirs for your friends and family!

2. Offsite Nashville Airport Parking Offers More Amenities 

There are several benefits to parking at an offsite BNA airport parking garage, chief among which are the amenities on offer. Traveling with your kids and lots of luggage? You could opt for a valet parking service at offsite garages like Park N Fly for as low as $11 a day. With a valet parking service, you could drive up to the garage and hand over the keys to your car at the front desk while lot attendants help you with your luggage. Not only do offsite parking garages offer great customer service, but they also provide free shuttle service to and from the terminals at regular intervals. 

Offsite parking garages near Nashville airport are also a lot safer since these garages employ security personnel or lot attendants as well as have measures such as camera surveillance and fenced lots in place. Most offsite parking lots also offer vehicle assistance in the case of a dead battery, a flat tire, or a lost car. Try jumping your car’s batteries at a poorly-lit onsite garage and you know how nerve-wracking it can be, what with you having to keep an eye on the car and watch your back as well. 

If you’re looking for an even cheaper parking spot for your vehicle, you could opt to park at the airport hotel parking lots near BNA. Hotels such as Holiday Inn & Suites and Wingate by Wyndham offer covered and uncovered lots for rates ranging from $4 a day to $8 a day. While most hotel parking garages offer complimentary shuttle rides, some have suspended the service due to Covid-19 regulations. Make sure to check the hotel website or a parking app like way.com to check the availability of shuttle buses. 

3. Book a parking spot with a parking app! 

By choosing offsite parking, you can book a parking spot for your vehicle as soon as you’ve bought your tickets and made your hotel reservations. Most offsite parking garages and lots are listed on popular parking websites and apps like way.com where you could compare parking prices and read reviews before making a parking reservation. The most significant advantage of using a parking app like way.com is you could grab exclusive discounts and cashback at top-rated offsite parking garages near Nashville airport.  

Now that you are equipped with a few tips and tricks to find cheap and secure Nashville airport parking, it’s time to get kicking and book those flight tickets and head off into the distance for a well-earned summer holiday. 

For a more comprehensive guide to finding Nashville airport parking, head here.

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