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3 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping

  • Holiday Travel Tips
  • Celine Jerly
  • 5 minutes

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Overseas trips can take a break; Americans are ready to go camping in 2022!

It’s a fun, safe, and wholesome vacation plan for everyone to spend some time out in the open after being “locked up” at home for more than a year. You don’t even have to go far to find the perfect campsite; there are plenty across the country you can drive to. 

Road trip anyone?

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On the fence about making vacation plans for camping in 2021? Read on to find out why it’s the right choice:  

Camping is Trending   

“Doing something safe” is the priority for 94% of Americans planning to take a vacation this year – highlights a nationwide survey by RVezy – and 66% consider Camping in 2022 as the safest travel option.  

Camping in 2021

The trend’s been on the rise since last year when we were still trying to get a bearing on the pandemic. Campsite bookings spiked as vacationers preferred self-contained accommodations over hotels and resorts. Steering clear of communal spaces and crowds helps to maintain social distancing. Isolated tent sites and cabins also allow you to avoid quarantining during or after the trip; contact-less check-in/check-out is another benefit. All of these have contributed to the rise in first-time campers and families opting for longer staycations.   

Road Trip to a COVID Safe Camping in 2022  

Taking a road trip to the great outdoors turns out to be the best way to socially distanced staycations. You still need a car to visit most national parks and public campgrounds, so why not make the most of it. American Byways recently got an update — 15 All-American Roads and 34 National Scenic Byways have been added across 28 states, including the Cascades Loop in Washington and the Zion Scenic Byway in Utah.  

Driving to the campsite, even if you have to rent a car at the airport, should be part of the plan to get COVID safe vacations right – maximum safety for your group with minimum interactions with others. If you have stopovers on the way, remember to check for safety precautions and book everything – hotel rooms, parking, tickets, entry passes, and permits – in advance.  

National Parks Take the Spotlight  

Why fly abroad when nature offers its best right here at home? Whether you want to go backpacking, trekking, RVing, glamping, or car camping, the National Parks have it all.   

About 50,000 new campgrounds have been added in 2021, including private campsites and RV resorts. Glamping is also seeing new openings near Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and Zion. There’s even a brand new National Park in the mix – the New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia comes with the thrills of rafting and mountain biking. Don’t miss the Gauley River National Recreation Area, Bluestone National Scenic River, Carnifex Ferry Battlefield, Hawks Nest, and Pipestem Resort state parks. With the addition of luxury properties near National Parks, camping options continue to grow.  

National Parks are already family vacation favorites; the ease of maintaining ‘new normal’ safety protocols makes them even more attractive. However, the rising interest in National Park campsites might also lead to crowded lodges and campgrounds. NPS has introduced timed reservations and advance bookings to keep everything under control. The Great American Outdoors Act has also pumped in more funds for campground upkeep and upgrades in Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon, and Mount Rainier. There’s nothing to worry about if you follow the rules and make bookings in advance. Get started now – here are some of the best national parks to go Camping in now! 

camping in 2021

Here are a few important tips you should be known about Camping in 2022.  

Reserve in Advance: Campgrounds are filling up long before summer; at many popular national parks, the pandemic reservation shift from the traditional first-come-first-serve system to advanced booking plays a vital role in hassle-free national park vacation. The six-month booking window for campsites points towards significant planning; do not rely on last-minute availability. About 280 national park campgrounds are available for online booking on Recreation.gov; you can also consider over 3600 bookable campsites outside parklands. The advance reservation and permit access make it much easier to plan your vacation.   

Avoid the Crowds: Turn your attention towards national parks, state parks, and other public lands that receive lesser visitors. Search “camping near me,” and you’ll find multiple options just a couple of hours’ drive from any major city. Traveling during the shoulder season is a good idea; it will also give you a different perspective on Camping.   

Do Your Research: Everyone is trying to cope with the pandemic – national parks are no exception. From staffing to restricted areas, there are so many factors that dictate your options. Check ratings and reviews from other travelers to stay up to date on real-time conditions; the official park websites and the NPS app might also help track accommodation, activity search, safety restrictions, and other information for visitors.   

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