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3 Things That Will Stay with Us Post-SIP 

  • Cars Explained
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 4 minutes

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The introduction of COVID-19 onto the world stage has greatly altered the way we live our daily, even non-daily life. Many facets of our lives have been impacted, changes, and adjusting made, with adaptation to a new lifestyle being the result. Some COVID-19 changes and adjustments are temporary, such as not going to the movie theaters, or schooling your kids full time at home. However, there are a few things that will stay with us post-sip for the foreseeable future. 

Working from Home 

Work From Home

The practice of WFH (Working from Home) has been a relatively new practice since even before COVID-19 came along. Some businesses and companies frown upon WFH, others think it’s great, with a few finding it just acceptable. Now, with the forced WFH policies happening throughout the world, many businesses are now beginning to experience how WFH really is, and even more, companies are seeing how to make it work of a full massive scale. With the forceful exposure of working from home, it’s safe to stay that this new way of working is here to stay enacted at many companies, even after SIP is over. 

One of the biggest driving forces making new work lifestyle stay is due to the fact that there is not a vaccine yet, and cluster outbreaks are very possible with no herd immunity. Many companies would likely have some sort of working from home policy to keep employees safe. Also, since many companies now have an operable work from home system in place, it’s easier to manage WFH more so than before. Other companies may keep WFH, seeing that not perhaps every person in every position needs to be in the office every day. It may also help companies and employees cut down on certain costs with driving to work 5 days/week, and paying for gas plus parking as well. With WFH, you can change from an expensive monthly parking option to a flexible daily parking option! We recommend the WayPass that allows you to park multiple times a day at numerous garages. Getting a WayPass starts at a daily rate of $7. 

Online Ordering and Delivery 

Home Delivery

Online ordering and delivery services have greatly changed our lives. In general, online ordering has always been prevalent, but it was mainly limited in certain industries or with certain demographics. Now, the pandemic has exposed billions of people to a whole new world of online ordering that can be done in every aspect of our life. From groceries to even cocktails, there’s nearly no limit on getting what you’d want or need, ordered, and delivered. The most crucial of them all right now is anything with food delivery that’s helping numerous local restaurants stay in business. There are some online food ordering subscription plans where you can order food form your fave restaurants for $5.50/meal! Check out Way’s subscription dining plan to save you a few bucks and help out your local businesses as well. The ordering and delivery trend will continue to stay with us and grow even bigger than before in practically every industry. 

Video Conferences and Streaming 

Video Conference

One of the biggest changes of this time is live video streaming. Whether you need to be in a meeting, host a huge convention, or go to a huge live concert with fellow streaming concert-goers, the fact is, video conferences and streaming has grown through the roof! We are learning how to interact online in many facets of our lives. What made these live video calls and streaming have an even stronger staying power is that this is almost the only we can communicate in close quarters, and in real-time, with our coworkers, loved ones, and friends. Due to the huge need, many new technologies and improvements have been made in this short amount of time to make your experience even better than before. This is a definite new thing that will be staying after SIP is over. The convenience, safety, and low cost of this form of interaction make it’s staying power even stronger for many years to come. Virtual reality is the next step up after this. 

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