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3 Things You Should Know About Parking at DAL Love Field Airport

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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As great as the idea of traveling sounds, people do tend to hate the part where you actually have to travel! There’s also the stress of reaching the airport, finding a parking spot, checking in, and boarding on time. As far as airports go, the Dallas Love Field Airport is about as busy as it gets. Find Dallas Love Field Parking can be a wee bit of a problem, especially if you’re traveling during the holidays. Considering how many people will be flying and parking during peak seasons, finding a safe yet affordable DAL Airport parking spot can be a nightmare.

So should you ditch your car and choose to take the bus? Not necessarily! There are plenty of benefits to traveling to the airport in your own car. The only real hitch is knowing where you’re going to park.

There’s good news, though. With the overall expansion in parking options at airports, this part of your travel journey can be a little less annoying than it used to be. The DAL airport recently opened its new parking garage as well, which is equipped with more than 5,000 parking spaces and should help address the rise in passenger traffic received at the airport in the last 5 years.

If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, reading up on the parking options for DAL airport should help you out.

1. How much is parking at Dallas Love Field Airport? 

The Dallas Love Field airport offers four parking options. Naturally, the most expensive parking option is Dallas Love Field Valet Parking. This lot is reserved for valet-parked cars. Besides this, the airport has three parking garages for general use. There is Parking Garage A, which is ideal for short-term parking on an hourly basis.

Dallas Love Field Parking Garage B, on the other hand, has comparatively cheaper rates than Parking Garage A; this makes it ideal for long-term parking at DAL Airport. The two garages offer a total of 7,000 parking spaces. The new Parking Garage C is located adjacent to the main terminal. It is connected via a walkway and consists of a hundred standard covered spaces, four hundred roof parking spaces, five hundred premium spaces located closer to the terminal, and a thousand spots for valet parking.

DAL Airport Parking Rates

Garage Time Rates
Garage A: Daily $16
Garage B: Daily  Covered $13
Daily Roof Uncovered $10
Garage C: Daily Covered $16
Daily Roof Uncovered $13
Daily Premium $25
Valet Parking: Daily $28

2. What are the parking rates at Dallas Love Field for short-term and long-term parking?

The Dallas Love Field Airport offers both short-term and long-term parking at different rates. Parking is free in all three garages if you reserve the spot for less than 30 minutes. The rates for Parking Garage A start at $4 if you park for 30 minutes to an hour. As the minutes go up, the rates naturally increase too, with 5 to 24 hours of parking charged at $16. Occupancy of a parking spot in Parking Garage C is charged the same as Parking Garage A.

As mentioned earlier, Love Field Parking Garage B is comparatively cheaper than Parking Garage A and C. The rate at Love Field Parking Garage B starts at $3 for the designated 30-60 minute period. Parking for 3 hours to 24 hours is charged at $13. Parking on the roof is slightly cheaper and is charged at $10 for 3 to 24 hours of parking.

The premium parking spots in Love Field Parking Garage C are charged at $25 for an occupancy period of 5-24 hours.  Valet Parking, on the other hand, starts at $8 and goes up to $28 for 5 to 24 hours of parking.

3. How much is remote parking at Dallas Love Field?

If you’re interested in parking offsite or near Dallas Love Field Airport, here are your options: 

Booking Parking near DAL Airport

If you want to avoid Dallas Love Field Parking hassles, you can consider parking your car at any of the following car parking facilities instead:

1. The Parking Spot Dallas Love Field

DAL Airport parking

The Parking Spot Dallas Love Field offers 24/7 parking facilities.  You can reserve a car parking spot with them beforehand and take their complimentary shuttle service to the main terminal instead. The free shuttle arrives every 5 to 7 minutes. Other services offered by the Parking Spot include luggage assistance, a water bottle, and a free newspaper.

2. Best Parking Love Field

This parking facility is also open around the clock. It’s also located only a mile away from the Dallas Love Field Airport. You can park your car and take the 24-hour free shuttle to the airport terminal.

3. Park ‘N Fly

Like the Best Parking Love Field, this car parking facility is also situated a mile away from the Dallas Love Field Airport. You can book a car parking spot with them online and take their complimentary shuttle service for the rest of the way. They also offer luggage assistance, and you can earn parking credit if you sign up with their regular parker program.

Opting for Onsite Parking at DAL Love Field Airport

There are three onsite options for parking at Love Field Airport. This includes both short-term and long-term parking at Love Field Airport. For more details on onsite parking at Love Field check out the official DAL Airport website. You can also find more details on our Dallas Love Field Airport parking guide. 

Parking near DAL Love Field Airport

Do keep in mind that Lovefield offsite parking can be a good option. You don’t necessarily have to go in for onsite airport parking. There are plenty of garages that offer parking near DAL Airport at prices lower than onsite DAL Airport parking rates. Did we mention how safe your car will be? Yes, besides the reasonable rates, you will get to enjoy a stress-free vacation without worrying about the security and safety of your car. What’s more, if you’re in luck, you might even get Dallas Love Field Parking Coupons to make it easier on your wallet!

Motel 6 Dallas Northwest DAL Airport Parking $3.00 per day Book Now
Dallas Love field Inn DAL Airport Parking $3.50 per day Book Now
Hawthorn by Wyndham Suites Love Field (DAL) Airport Parking $4.50 per day Book Now
Embassy Suites by Hilton – Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airport Parking $4.95 per day Book Now



Parking near DAL Love Field Airport

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