Camping Anyone ?

Summer is in full swing and we are a little more than halfway through 2019! Can you believe it?

Time to bust out your camping tents, get outside, and into nature. Since 2014, the amount of campers in North America who camp three or more times annually has increased by 72% according to the Kampgrounds of America North American Camping Report. With more access to wi-fi and cell phone reception, many people are searching “camping near me” before setting out on their camping trip. Today, there are several different types of camping, but the main camping methods are backpacking, car camping, and glamping. These top 3 types of camping styles provide options for every level of camper!

People have been camping in National Parks for over 100 years! Fast forward to 2019, most people are looking to disconnect from technology, get away from distractions, and relax. Camping has shown to increase both mental and physical health, all from the healing properties of nature itself! Camping also helps people develop basic survival skills like building a fire, navigation, and teamwork. You’ll pretty much have a leg up in survival if a post-apocalyptic world ever happens.

In our blog “Is it Summer Yet?”, we gave you a basic list of what to bring when camping. In this blog, we’ll talk about the different main methods of camping to help you decide what type will suit you perfectly. While we’re at it, we’ll list a few activities to enhance your camping trip!

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You’ve probably heard of glamping, especially because of its rise in popularity with the millennials. But what is glamping? Glamping is this fusion of luxury and camping – or glamorous camping – is the dream getaway most city slickers, *cough* Millenials, dream of.

Glamping has taken a life of its own, with companies dedicated to making the ultimate luxurious glamping experience, but in nature. While the term “glamping” is more modern, the idea of camping but having luxurious amenities at your fingertips isn’t new. The trend of African safaris during the 20th century included generators, folding bathtubs, fancy linens, and massive tents, as seen in the movie Tarzan.  Sounds a bit like a super glamping experience to me.

Today, glamping has swept across the travel and ecotourism industries. From the comfy beds to the access of hot showers, glamping tents offer everything you need to feel like you are in a five-star hotel. With modern transportation’s ability to take us almost anywhere in the world, the glamping possibilities are endless if you’re in search of gorgeous landscapes that you can experience. Bridging the gap between camping and the comforts of home, if you love nature, but need a dose of modern civilization, glamping will probably be right up your ally.

Glamping Tip

Do your research on what you will need to bring yourself. While most glamping will offer everything you will need, some glamping sites will require you to bring a towel for showering or a lantern to get to and from the bathroom.

While you are glamping, take advantage of some of the activities Way offers. A perfect activity for glampers would be this all-day tour at Yellowstone National Park of the Lower Loop of Yellowstone’s Grand Loop. Take the day to see the major wildlife and cultural sites of the lower loop. This Yellowstone National Park tour will include small hikes to Mud Volcano, Artist Point and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Wrap up the day with seeing the infamous Old Faithful Geyser before returning back to your campsite, I mean glampsite.

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Car Camping

Car camping is a great option for those who like to take road trips and explore the world on the open road. With major festivals like Coachella, car camping is a very popular way for people to attend these types of events, keeping the party going once the venue stops playing music.

Simply put, car camping is driving to remote areas, or designated sites, and camping. Many people love car camping because of its convenience and the versatility of the places you can camp at. With the ability to pack your car camping gear in your car, you are able to pack heavier than backpacking style camping.

For car camping, you have two options when it comes to sleeping at night. You can either sleep in your car or outside in a tent, which comes in handy if you encounter bad weather. Car camping gives you a bit of room for error because if you forget to pack something, or if a piece of gear breaks, you can drive to the closest camping store and purchase what you need.

Car Camping Tip

Make sure to keep food in your car, preferably in a cooler to keep away bugs and animals. Of course, this is if your campsite doesn’t provide a bear box.

With car camping, you can easily mix in activities to do throughout the day. Your campsite can serve as home-base, with the option of packing up your stuff to keep it safe while you are gone. Many state parks, like Glacier National Park, have fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! Float along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River in a raft and relax while enjoying the stunning views of Glacier National Park. This beautiful calm stretch of the river is a perfect place to kick back and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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If you are of the adventurous sort, you may want to try out backpacking. Backpacking is where you pack up everything you need in a backpack and hike for two or more days. To be able to get to some of the most beautiful areas in the world, you have to hike there and that is where backpacking style camping comes into play.

The initial investment in this type of camping can be quite expensive since weight is what you want to avoid. Due to weight limitations, you often pay more, to have less weight – but once you make that initial investment into your backpacking backpack and backpacking gear, you only need to restock on food and other consumables. Everything else, such as a backpacking tent, clothes, portable water filtration system, and the like, will not need to be purchased again if kept in good condition.

Backpacking tip

Instead of investing in a tent, invest in a camping hammock! This will help cut out weight and is a great option for those who do not want to sleep on the floor.

An extremely popular area to go backpacking is at Yosemite National Park. Yosemite camping offers miles upon miles of trails which offer options for both the beginners and the master hikers. If you are looking for adventure, look no further because Way offers a six-day backpacking trip through the northern portion of the National Park. The northern portion of the park is seen as the last true wilderness of the Sierra Nevada. With dense old-growth forests and deep canyons, this trip is for those looking to push themselves.

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