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3 Simple Ways to Find Cheap Parking in NYC

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Parking in New York City is known to be an expensive and relatively high-demand affair. Regardless of whether you go for street parking or parking garages, you always end up having to pay more than what you wanted, one way or the other. Street parking spaces are definitely the cheapest option you have for parking in NYC, but due to the huge demand they have, it is pretty unlikely to come across many vacant spots. There are always keen drivers looking for an accessible city parking NYC spot, making it impossible to get a drive-in street parking space across the city. All this brings us to one of the most asked questions related to parking in NYC – Is it possible to find cheap parking in NYC at all? Keeping it short and straightforward, the answer is a big yes! Of course, that is if you are careful not to make some of the most common parking mistakes in NYC. It is pretty easy to find plenty of affordable deals for cheap parking in NYC. Just don’t drive into the first vacant street parking space you see, and continue reading to know just how you can get the best deals for the lowest rates. Here are 3 failsafe ways to find cheap parking in NYC. 

3 Ways to Find Cheap City Parking in NYC  

1. Make Reservations for Parking in Advance  

When it comes to a city like New York City, it’s pretty difficult to just drive into a vacant parking spot, as there will always be others eyeing the same. Unfortunately, that’s how street parking in NYC works. Due to the cheap rates metered parking offers, they are always in great demand, and you might end up without a spot if you don’t have parking booked in advance. Way.com is a great alternative to start looking for alternative parking options in the event of failing to find a street parking spot. However, why go through all this unnecessary trouble in the first place when you have the option to pre-book parking in NYC in advance. Parking garages also ensure that your car doesn’t get towed or ticketed for parking violations.  

2. Go for Parking Garages Instead of Street Parking 

City Parking NYC 

Street parking in NYC is always the cheaper alternative to parking when you compare it with parking garages. However, it does not mean that parking garages are always expensive. It is true that there are plenty of parking garages listed on websites like Way.com that offer city parking NYC deals for rates as low as $5 per hour. By paying just a few more dollars per hour than what you would pay for a highly crowded street parking space, you get to enjoy a hassle-free experience in garages. Most of the city parking NYC garages also offer facilities like contactless parking, which offer much-needed assurance and security in the post-pandemic era of parking.   

3. Be Careful About Street Parking in NYC  

NYC is the most ticketed city in the country, and for good reasons too. With an estimated population of over 8.5 million people, you can imagine how many vehicles share the road simultaneously. To ensure there is adequate control and fewer instances of illegal parking, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYDOT) is pretty active in ensuring that parking violations are not left unattended. If you are someone who wants the cheapest deals for parking in NYC, it’s highly recommended to make sure that you follow NYC parking rules and regulations at all times. You save $2 – $3 per hour by going for parking on-street. However, if you get ticketed, you would need to spend $30 or more to settle that, and at the end of the day, you end up losing more than you save. Way.com has you covered with plenty of NYC parking garages located right next to all major attractions.

3 Ways to Find Cheap City Parking in NYC  

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Make an online booking now, or reserve your parking spot through our iOS or Android apps!

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