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3 ways to find the best deals for NYC parking  

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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When it comes to the Big Apple, there are many things that people would have contrasting things to say about. However, when it comes to NYC parking, everyone unanimously agrees that it is difficult. Parking in NYC is always a challenge, and even more so when there are sold-out events happening in the home of Yankees. There are just so much to see, so many cars, and so little time. When the schedule is this tight, the last thing you want is to be scrambling around, making circles, looking for that perfect NYC parking space. Chances are, you would drive right into the available NYC street parking space or parking garages in NYC without thinking twice, simply because vacant spots are hard to come by. As a result, chances are pretty low for you to end up with a good enough city parking NYC space. NYC parking is always an expensive affair, and if you are not getting the value for money from the parking you choose, it is high time you changed the way you go hunting for that NYC parking space. If you still haven’t made your NYC parking reservations through Way.com, you are missing out on a great spot where you can park without any unnecessary stress.   

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Expect heavy traffic all the time  

If you have driven around NYC at least once, you would know that heavy traffic is expected around the clock. The Big Apple can be referred to as a hyperactive baby that refuses to sleep and keeps awake throughout day and night. There are just way too many cars on the street, regardless of whether it is sunshine or rain. If private vehicles weren’t enough, you also have to deal with the hordes of yellow cabs that board people in and around the city, along with public transports. If you have a meeting scheduled in NYC, best you leave at least an hour earlier than you would across other cities. If you can travel before the peak hours, chances are also higher for you to drive into a cozy, vacant NYC parking space.   

Stressed? Pre-Book NYC parking ASAP 

NYC parking

Coffee is a great stress buster for many. Similarly, pre-booking NYC parking before heading out can be the best stress-reliever for those that drive around in New York City. Driving around, looking for a vacant NYC parking space. The last thing you need when you are driving amidst constant honks and traffic jams in NYC.  There is no need to bang fenders and bumpers with other drivers to win over that remaining parking space, no stress about being late to a meeting, and no need to wait in long queues! Just log into the Way App or Way.com website, search for the location you want to visit and click on add to bag. It’s that simple. You can download the Way App from both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.   

Research NYC parking before heading out  

Spending time to research which areas are in great demand and which areas have lots of available parking can help you save money, time, and unnecessary stress. Areas with high demand or located close to premium locations in NYC like Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Times Square have great demand for NYC parking spaces. The majority of the good spots located right next to these locations get sold out pretty quickly. Having access to Way.com lets you choose alternatives within walking distance and relatively cheaper parking rates in most scenarios.   

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Make an online booking now, or reserve your parking spot through our iOS or Android apps!

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