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3 Ways to Get Cheap Microsoft Theater Parking  

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Microsoft Theater is one of the most prominent indoor stages in the United States. It can accommodate up to 7,100 people at a time, and even though covid preventive measures limit the number of people, there is still significant demand for events at Microsoft Theater. Regardless, it is still a struggle to find cheap Microsoft Theater parking as there are just too many good events and too few vacant parking spots in the vicinity. With high-profile neighbors like Staples Center and L. A Live, you can always expect hordes of other drivers looking for affordable LA City parking next to the mainstream entertainment locations. You can always find plenty of Los Angeles parking garages in the area through websites like Way.com, which lets you park at some of the best rates. Alternatively, following a few more parking hacks listed below lets you always find a spot for Microsoft Theater parking regardless of when you park. Continue reading if you are someone who had struggled to reach Microsoft Theater on time because you could not find affordable parking when you needed it the most.   

Download Parking Apps  

Technological advancements have become more useful than ever in recent times, especially in the post-pandemic era. Contactless parking is one such recent innovation that ensures zero contact when you go for LA City parking garages. Having access to a parking app like the Way App lets you know well in advance about what all parking facilities each lot has on offer. What’s even better is that the Way App can be downloaded free from the Way.com website, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. You can check parking availability, services offered, and compare prices instantly when you use parking apps. When it comes to finding Los Angeles parking, it is highly recommended to download a parking app like the Way App. 

Street Parking is Difficult 

Microsoft Theater Parking 

One of the most sought-after parking services in LA is the many street parking metered spaces offered by Los Angeles. Official records claim that there are more than 38,000 metered parking spaces, enforced and operated by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). Regardless, you will still find high competition before finding a street parking space for Microsoft Theater parking vacant. People who drive around LA know how difficult it is to get a Los Angeles City parking space on event days and head for the best spots before time. Your best shot at avoiding all unnecessary parking hassles and worries is to go for parking garages scattered in and around Microsoft Theater.  

Parking Garages are Safe  

Your best bet at getting the safest alternative to cheap Los Angeles Street parking deals is to go for the many Microsoft Theater parking garages located in and around the area. Yes, they charge you higher rates than your average metered parking deals for LA city parking. However, parking garages listed on websites like Way.com offer Microsoft Theater parking deals for rates as low as $5 per hour. Most of these garages also come inbuilt with options like contactless parking, covid-19 compliances, camera surveillance, round-the-clock security, unlimited in/out privileges, valet parking, and much more. Microsoft theater parking garages can also be pre-booked through parking apps, which ensures that you have a guaranteed spot ready and waiting for you when it’s time. The best thing about Microsoft theater parking garages is that LADOT will not ticket you for street parking violations, and these, as we all know, can be a pretty expensive affair.   

If you are still unsure about finding a parking garage or Los Angeles parking spot vacant, Way.com has you covered. Check out our Los Angeles parking guide here and get some more parking hacks and related information with all the details you need for LA city parking.

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