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3 ways to get convenient Pittsburgh Airport parking  

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If you’ve ever driven yourself to the Pittsburgh Airport parking lots, you would’ve encountered a certain problem. While enough and more parking spots are available, the process of finding and paying for one can often be frustrating. For example, fumbling at the entry or exit for change is a nuisance. Driving around inside the lots looking for spots is another concern. And if you’re only there to pick someone up, you may be forced to choose between circling the airport or paying for a parking spot. 

pittsburgh airport parking

We’ve already covered the different rates and lots for parking at Pittsburgh Airport. You can follow some more tips to ensure your Pittsburgh Airport parking experience is as smooth as possible. The aim is to increase your convenience when you visit the airport to save valuable time and money. 

1. Use GoFast Pass for Pittsburgh Airport parking 

Like we mentioned earlier, the ease of Pittsburgh Airport parking can be measured by how long it takes you to access and exit the parking lots. A typical scenario every driver faces is not having the exact amount of change while paying for the parking lot. This may cause your nerves to fray, and you may end up losing a lot of time.  

For a smooth entry and exit, we suggest using the GoFast Pass facility. All you need to do is sign up for an account and top it up with cash occasionally. Your car will be given a transponder tag linked to your account. When you enter or exit the parking lot, the tag will be read and the required amount will be deducted from your account. All your dues will be paid in a matter of seconds! That’s convenience at your fingertips. 

2. Choose free Pittsburgh Airport parking if you’re picking up someone  

Most people don’t realize that there is free parking at Pittsburgh Airport. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can park there indefinitely. Free parking is only for those drivers who are picking up passengers from the terminal. The Extended Parking lot is where you can find this facility. However, after one hour, the standard rate of $2/hour will kick in. It’s unlikely that you will need to spend more than an hour during pick-ups, so this is a great option! 

 Pittsburgh airport parking

3. Choose off-site parking for savings

If you need to park for a longer period, we would suggest skipping the on-site lots. Instead, go for a cheap off-site parking lot near the airport where you can wait in peace. These off-site lots belong to airport hotels, which have best-in-class facilities and secure parking lots. They are equipped with CCTV cameras, have a complimentary shuttle to the airport, and are an absolute steal at their rates.  

You can use Way.com or the Way app to book a spot in just a few minutes. While on-site parking will cost you at least $8/day, off-site lots come as cheap as $4/day! With Way.com, Pittsburgh Airport parking will be effortless. 

Other tips for Pittsburgh Airport Parking 

  • The address for Pittsburgh Airport is as follows: 1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231, USA. 
  • You can find parking coupons that offer discounts through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates. 
  • For more information, you can contact the parking office at 412-472-5050.   

Book your airport parking ahead of time with Way online or use our iOS and Android apps now!

pittsburgh airport parking

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