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3 Ways to Get the Best Parking in NYC  

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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On busy days, rumor has it that you are bound to see more cars than happy faces regardless of which borough you spend hours in traffic at. Long story short, there are just too many cars and never enough parking in NYC to meet the demand. The end result is that you have to spend long hours in the notorious New York traffic to get yourself a cozy, secure parking spot. Now, for those perfectionists who want the best of everything, it can be pretty challenging to find the best parking in NYC. However, it’s a challenge that can bring in great rewards for those who are dedicated enough to spend time and energy on trying out these parking hacks. These parking hacks are not designed to guarantee a parking space for you, but they do make the task of finding the best parking NYC spaces that much easier. If you are short on time, you can always consider pre-booking NYC parking online through Way.com. There are plenty of spaces for parking in NYC with premium facilities like contactless parking, COVID-19 compliances, and around-the-clock camera surveillance.

Cheap Parking Spaces are Not Always the Best Parking in NYC  

Street parking in NYC is the absolute cheapest option for New York City parking. However, cheap parking spaces do not necessarily translate to the best parking in NYC. Chances for getting towed are the highest from a street parking space. You would also have no cover from environmental hazards like rain showers, snowfall, or tree uprootals when you go for street parking. Parking on an expired meter can result in NYC parking tickets which can collectively charge you way more than what you would have to spend on NYC parking garages.   

Parking Garages in NYC are Not as Expensive as You Would Think 

Best Parking NYC

There is a huge misconception that parking garages in NYC cost a fortune per hour. Most people consider parking garages in NYC as an expensive alternative to street parking and tend to stay away. However, most of the best parking in NYC is usually found across parking garages, and most of these offer premium facilities like contactless parking, COVID-19 compliances, and around-the-clock security. Unlike street parking spaces, almost all of the parking garages in NYC listed on Way.com are paved, well-lit, and maintained parking lots with 24-hour accessibility, ADA/aisle access, and even in-out privileges.   

Explore the Power of Parking Apps and Make the Most of It  

Almost all major parking services offer parking apps like the Way App that lets you pre-book some of the best parking NYC spots for the lowest rates possible. Having access to a parking app lets you search for a location, compare the many options available to park in the area, and choose a spot based on your requirement. You can also compare the different prices offered for NYC parking across the many lots, read reviews of users who have previously parked at the same garage, and check parking availability in advance.   

Following these three simple tips and tricks will ensure that you get the best parking in NYC and that for the lowest rates. If you plan to head for street parking NYC spaces, always make sure not to feed the meters and only park for the designated hours of parking. As New York City has Alternative Side Parking (ASP) restrictions, it is also essential to be careful about ASP regulations and Street Sweeping Schedules to avoid having your vehicle towed away.

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