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5 Best Things to do in Long Beach

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  • Renee Martin
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5 Best Things to do in Long Beach

Located just thirty minutes away from Los Angeles, the second busiest container port in the United States is home to lots of fun stuff to do. While the name Long Beach may make it evident that this Californian oceanfront is all about the beach, there is a lot more to see and feel than just sun, sand, and the waves. Home to nearly half a million residents and host to numerous carnivals, festivals, and sporting events, there is never a dull day when you are in Long Beach. The only downside to planning a visit to Long Beach will be that you’ll probably run out of time to get through to everything Long Beach has to offer. While Long Beach is a small city, it never fails to fill up your heart with its fun destinations! If you are short on time and need to make a list with a limited number of destinations, it could be challenging to develop a plan. However, we ensure that you get to enjoy the absolute best five things to do in Long Beach, CA, with this detailed guide. Parking can be quite tricky in a small city with nearly half a million cars sharing the same road. Make sure you have parking in Long Beach booked in advance before heading out through Way.com. If you want the best parking experience in the city, you need to park at SP+ parking Long Beach garages that offer the best rates for premium parking services.

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1. Explore Aquatic Wonders at Aquarium of the Pacific

Have kids, chilling out with your mates, planning to spend a day with your dearly beloved – regardless of the company you keep, the Aquarium of the Pacific is perfect! Home to more than 11,000 marine animals from more than 500 species (including 150 sharks), the Aquarium of the Pacific lets you explore the depths of a marine wonder like never before. Highlights of this aquarium include witnessing twenty majestic Magellanic Penguins flap around with their happy feet, interactive multimedia shows, art installations, and the 32-foot tall, 130-foot-wide Honda Pacific Visions theater.

2. Revisit a Luxury Cruise Onboard Queen Mary

Things to do in Long Beach Queen Mary

If it weren’t for air travel becoming cheaper, Queen Mary would have been the Marilyn Monroe of the Pacific Ocean even today. However, as more passengers moved to flying instead of cruising onboard a ship, Queen Mary lost her importance as a mainstream mode of transportation in Long Beach and by 1967 retired from active duty. However, this early retirement has done no harm to her solemn beauty, and visitors still flock in hordes to get on board the Queen Mary for history and the experience of getting up close and personal with a luxury cruise ship. As a visitor, you can choose to go on supernatural investigations on board Queen Mary or just tour and have dinner at the ship. Regardless of what you decide to do, you won’t have to worry about parking as Way.com and SP+ parking garages have you covered with plenty of affordable Long Beach parking deals.

3. Blend in with Nature at the El Dorado Nature Center

If you are looking for a place to relax, unwind and detach yourself from everything worldly, you need to consider visiting El Dorado Nature Center. Built around 105 acres of natural habitat, right next to downtown, and complete with pedestrian/bike tracks spanning over four-miles, El Dorado is perfect! The Nature Center is also a local favorite for family fun, taking your pet for a walk, and educational displays. You can also engage in a series of fun outdoor activities like fishing, field sports (tennis, skate park, volleyball, archery range, etc.), a nature walk, or a quiet picnic when you visit El Dorado. Since the Nature Center is located right next to downtown, it would be a good idea to book your parking with SP+ garages through Way.com before heading to El Dorado Nature Center.

4. Discover and Experience Art, Culture, and History

Long Beach, just like most of California, is home to diverse communities that provide a unique multicultural perspective of the gorgeous city. What better place to experience a culture than Museums? Fortunately, Long Beach has not just one but two world-class museums! The Long Beach Museum of Art, located at the northern end of Bluff Park, and the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in the East Village Arts District, downtown. While the Long Beach Museum of Art showcases regional contemporary art of Long Beach along with 20th century European Art, the Museum of Latin American Art is entirely dedicated to Latin American Art. If you have time to spare, make sure not to miss these Long Beach Museums during your stay at Long Beach.

5. Spend Time at the Long Beaches of Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Things to Do

A trip to Long Beach would be incomplete without planning a visit to the many vast beaches in the city. Contrary to what the name suggests, Long Beach is home to numerous beaches like the Junipero Cherry Beach, the Alamitos Beach, the Belmont Shore Beach, the Rosie’s Dog Beach, and several smaller inland beaches along the Alamitos Peninsula. If you are confused about which beach to visit, it is highly recommended to choose between Alamitos Beach and Junipero Cherry Beach. Both provide easy accessibility and amenities like bathrooms lifeguards on duty. Enjoy your time under the sun and forget about parking woes when you park at SP+ parking Long Beach garages that provide some of the best deals for affordable parking in the city.


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