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5 Surefire Ways to Entertain Yourself on a Plane

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Modern problems need modern solutions, people! So, we’ve got a few fun things you can do on a plane to keep yourself entertained. Trust us, follow this and your time on a plane will quite literally fly by (pun totally intended).

Way back in 1903, the Wright Brothers were tinkering around building the world’s first motor-operated airplane. Focused as they were on solving travel issues, scarcely did they imagine that their invention would cause a few unexpected problems in the future. Fast forward to the 21st century – one of the very real problems air travelers face is how to entertain themselves on a plane. Yes, it is a minor price you have to pay to get to where you need to go, but keeping yourself occupied for hours in a tiny space is not easy. So here are some fun ideas!

1.    Create backstories for your fellow travelers


Is the mild-mannered, soft-spoken gentleman across the aisle secretly working for the CIA? Is the lanky young man in front of you (yes, the one who seems surgically attached to his headphones) on his way to sign up with a professional basketball team? Or is the serenely smiling, quiet woman next to you a high-stakes, professional poker player? You could also try to guess who the undercover air marshal is. There are so many people on a flight that this is surely worth a shot. Tip- works better if you’re traveling with someone.

2.    Do some yoga stretches


This solves several problems at once – stress relief for you and entertainment for the other passengers. Not only will this relax your muscles it’s also a great workout for your brain since you’ll need to figure out how to do all this without encroaching on your neighbor’s space. It is also known to shock those cranky toddlers in nearby seats into total silence. Win-win fun thing to do on a plane in my book!

3.    Knit a sweater or a scarf


If your knitting skills are on par with mine, it may probably start out as a sweater or a sock but will inevitably end up being a scarf. This activity is also sure to keep your neighbors alert as a sharp pointy object weaves haphazardly and perilously right next to them. Well, maybe this one is just a fun thing for you to do, not your neighbors.

4.    Keep playing Candy Crush


We all know you have it on your phone. Go on and indulge, get your fill of candy crush; we promise not to judge. This is the perfect excuse to spend hours matching candies and clearing those pesky jellies.

5.    Release the crayons


We all have that little kid inside of us, so break out those coloring books and crayons and have fun coloring away! Also, coloring books are far more interesting now than they were when we were kids, so you might end up having a good old time. Warning: You might have to hide them from sight if you end up sitting next to an actual kid.

There are also quite a few and frankly more conventional things you could do on a plane. You could binge-watch a series, read books, or listen to music or podcasts. You could even strike up conversations with your seatmates if they seem conducive to that plan.

Of course, our list of tips isn’t exhaustive, and we’d love to hear some fun, quirky things you’ve done to keep yourself entertained while on a plane.

Fun things to do on a plane | 5 failsafe ways to entertain yourself

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