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5 fall car care tips to keep your vehicle in great shape

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Fall has finally arrived. The days have become cooler, and the sizzling heat has bid goodbye – now is the perfect time to lie back and enjoy some pumpkin spice lattes. While you’re falling in love with the weather, don’t forget about your driving partner. Remember,  fall is one of your car’s archenemies! The fallen leaves, pollen, and tree sap return to wreak havoc on your car and say, “did you miss me” while ruining it – like a true nemesis. Are you looking to protect your car from ‘fall’-ing into this abyss of messiness? You can use the five fall car care tips mentioned in this post to maintain your vehicle better. 

5 fall car care tips to keep your vehicle in great shape

Clear off the leaves ASAP!  

On a pleasant fall morning, the red, orange, and brown leaves on your car sure look photogenic, and you would love to gram it. But did you know those nice-looking leaves got the potential to damage your car’s look and can ruin the clear coat? The leaves when it gets decomposed can start etching onto your car’s clear coat and leave behind hard stains on your car. Make sure you get rid of the fallen leaves as soon as possible to protect your car’s appearance.   

Check your windshield wipers  

Remember to clean your wiper blades regularly. The process of cleaning your wiper blade is very simple – just apply the cleaning solution on the wiper blades and clean them using a dry cloth. If you find your windshield wipers worn out and cracked, replace them with a new pair.   

Check on your tires  

Another no-brainer when it comes to fall car care is checking on your tires regularly. The increased rainfall coupled with wet leaves can make the roads slippery and dangerous. Ensure the tires have sufficient tread and pressure – the tire pressure differs for summer and fall. To read more on how to clean your car’s wheels and tires, click here.

5 fall car care tips to keep your vehicle in great shape

Clean your car’s interior regularly  

A clean car interior plays a crucial role in creating a good driving experience. If you don’t pay close attention to your car’s interior, you can easily end up with soiled floor mats and dry leaves inside your car. To avoid this, clean your floor mats, seat covers, trunk, and carpet regularly. Begin the interior cleaning process by taking out the trash inside the car. Follow it by vacuuming the dust and tiny debris stuck onto the surfaces. Finally, use a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution to clean the steering wheel, dashboard, and other surfaces.  

Visit a car wash near you regularly 

Regular visits to car wash should definitely feature in your fall car care checklist. The falling leaves, the heavy winds and rainfall can wreak havoc on your car if you don’t maintain it properly. That’s why car wash professionals recommend you wash your car at least once a week during fall and winter to keep your vehicle in the best condition. What’s more, automatic car washes don’t just make your car look spotless, it also helps improve your car’s performance on the road. You can use websites and apps like Way.com to book the best car washes near you. We hope the fall car care tips mentioned in this post helps you in maintaining your car better. 

5 fall car care tips to keep your vehicle in great shape

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