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5 fun (and free) road trip games for kids

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Yay! It’s time to fall for family road trips. Who’s in? While those long drives are the best way to unwind for some, others might find it a bit boring. How many kids love staying inside a car for hours? Not yours? Then this is for you – a few road trip games for kids that’ll keep them busy and happy.   

You know the classics – the License Plate game, Cows on my side, 21 Questions, I Spy… getting nostalgic yet? Now it’s your turn to help create those wonderful memories for your kids. Family road trips are all about having fun and enjoying every moment. So, we found some games to get you started. There are some last-minute gems in there too. Keep reading and get inspired.  

Spot the Sign Car Game for Kids

Being stuck in a car can be quite frustrating for your curious kiddos. Even the best scenery gets boring pretty quickly. It gets worse if you are driving through a city – the traffic and crowds can blur out all the fun. This car game for kids could be a quick solution. You need no plans or preparations to start this fun road trip game.   

For example, say “Find all the ‘No Parking’ signs”; the game begins when you say start. It can be any sign on the streets – a Stop sign, Route Markers, Pedestrian Crossings, School Zones.   

The kids can now start spotting the sign and counting them till it is time to stop the game. If they are not familiar with the sign, you could help them by pointing out the first sign you pass. For younger kids, make it simpler and stick to a red stop sign or a blue parking sign.   

Depending on how engaged your kids are, you can decide when to stop the game. Make sure not to stretch it out too long that it gets boring. In the end, the one that spots the most wins the game.  

Road Trip Bingo for Kids

So you’ll need to put a bit of effort into this before you hop into the car. Road Trip Bingo printables are available online, but you can make it interesting with a personalized touch. Make it as tough as your kids can handle (okay, not so tough that they rip it apart in frustration!). The goal is to keep them engaged and away from cranky mode.   

For the young ones, keep it simple – things they can recognize immediately. Like signboards, a school bus, an animal, a motorcycle, traffic cones, etc. For older kids, this is an opportunity to learn something new – try different kinds of street signs or brand logos. It can even be not-so-popular car models or license plates from different states. Or keep it real simple with cars of different colors.  

You could play on a phone or tablet too – but that’s too easy, and printing out the game will cut down screentime without a lot of protests (we hope!). If you really don’t have the time to personalize your bingo card, just search ‘Road trip Bingo for kids’ and quickly download a free sample.   

Road trip Bingo for kids

Once Upon a Time Road Trip Games for Kids

This one is for the dreamers and storytellers. Imagination is key to child development – this game is perfect for boosting their creativity and totally fun too! If there is a fairytale fanatic in the family, the ‘Once upon a time’ road trip game is right up their alley.   

To get it started, say “Once upon a time…” and add your fantasy. For example, “Once upon a time, I went to Elsa’s castle.” Now the next player has to continue the story. One player can add one sentence to the story when it’s their turn. The game continues until you reach a conclusion (or your destination).   

You can even record this storytelling session – it would make a unique souvenir for the family—the perfect way to have fun and keep the memory alive for years. Record every time you play the game and start a collection of personalized family fairytales.  

Would You Rather? Game for Kids

Deathly silence in the car during a road trip? That doesn’t look like anyone is having fun – well, except maybe on their phones or tablets. So, here’s one way to get some healthy conversation going. It’s pretty clear from the name – ‘Would you rather?’ is a this-or-that road trip game for kids and adults. Is it fun? That’s all on you – you know your kids best, and this would be a chance to get to know them better.  

The questions can be as silly as – “Would you rather get covered in slime or paint?” or make it really tough with – “Would you rather give up your phone or give up candy?” It will all depend on your kids’ ages and interests too.   

Make a list of questions if you need to prepare. And, just so you don’t run out of cool ‘Would You Rather’ questions, let everyone take turns to ask the question to someone else in the car. Keep this road trip game handy for those really boring stretches with nothing to see out the window.   

Taboo Game for Kids

Road Trip Taboo Game for Kids

No cards or guessing involved, we promise! This might be a Road Trip game for kids, but it’s really the grownups who get the most benefit. This car game could be just what you need o keep the big talkers in check.   

Before you start your trip, decide a few taboo words (make a list if you’d like), and everyone must agree not to use those words till you reach your destination. It could even be those classic ‘Are we there yet?’ or ‘I am bored!’ – see where we are going with this?! Every time someone says a taboo word (or sentence), they get a point. But wait, that’s not a good thing – at the end of your drive, the person with the least number of points wins Road Trip Taboo.  

The key is to have a really good reward for keeping the motivation up. And this is where you may have to give in a bit – cause it better be your kids’ favorite thing in the world. This game might not keep your children engaged through and through, but it will certainly make your road trip with kids a little easier.     

You have to manage so many things while traveling with kids. While games sound fun, parking – not so much. We can’t have you hunting for parking spots at the last minute. So, before you head out, don’t forget to book your parking on way.com.

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