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5 great Father’s Day 2022 destinations to visit  

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Father’s Day 2022 is coming up soon and we could all use a getaway with dearest dad! Whether it’s hiking through a national park, grabbing a beer together, or bonding over fishing – here are 5 great destinations where you can make memories with him for a lifetime.

The month of June means summer has arrived… but it also means Father’s Day is just around the corner! Those who’ve been staying with their folks might be thankful for having the head of the house around in the past year. For those staying apart, it would be reassuring to hear the quintessential ‘dad joke’ every time they call home! 

This summer is the best time to show your appreciation for the guy who’s always got your back!  

Father's Day 2022 destinations

When is Father’s Day 2022? 

Typically, the occasion is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Accordingly, Father’s Day 2022 falls on June 19 – bang in the middle of summer! You should make sure that you plan something in advance so that you can treat him to a trip he will look back on fondly.  

Whether it’s hiking through a national park, grabbing a beer together, or bonding over fishing – here’s 5 great destinations where you can make memories for a lifetime! 

Take a hike through Yosemite, California

If your dad is the outdoorsy type, he’ll probably be at home in Yosemite! Known for the giant sequoia trees that tower over hikers, the trails through this famous national park will give you a chance to test your father’s love for nature. This Father’s Day 2022, you can choose to give him a breath of fresh air!

There are several picture-perfect locations where you can snap a picture with daddy dearest. Tunnel View, the U-shaped valley with a stunning panorama, would be the top choice. You could also choose a more adventurous path and pick any of the popular trails like Glacier Road or Tioga Road. Most of these will take you to high-altitude lakes, cliffs over green meadows.

You can even rekindle your camping memories at the various popular camping locations like the Camp 4 campground, North Pines or Upper Pines. This is one adventure he won’t want to forget soon!

Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

Father's Day 2021

If there’s one thing most dads like to do, it’s to mull over things while waiting to snag that one big fish! Going on fishing trips together would be regular for most fathers – whether they’re retired or still working! One of the best places to have a spectacular time on Father’s Day 2022 is Yellowstone National Park.

Yes, we know it’s famous for the hot springs more than anything else, but Yellowstone Lake is a favorite hunting ground for novice and experienced anglers. There’s nothing more relaxing than knowing you’re going to spend a few quiet hours together on the lake – with the occasional ‘bite’ thrown in! The lake is famous for the Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Make sure to take a picture as a keepsake when you finally catch one! 

If you want a photo-frame finish to the Yellowstone trip with your dad, you can always try to time the eruption of the Old Faithful geyser!

Hit the breweries in Portland

Father's day 2021

One way to create memories with your dad is to go on trips together. But clinking beers together and opening up over some freshly brewed liquor – that’s priceless. A trip to Portland is likely to ensure that you have a beer-y happy Father’s Day 2022!

The city is known for its many microbreweries, wine shops, and pubs. In fact, it’s easy to spend an entire day just sipping different types of beers! The many brewery tours in Portland have many takers – time for Dad and you to test who has the most capacity! In between, be sure to catch some of the city’s cultural attractions like the Old Port neighborhood, and visit the Casco Bay Islands when you have the chance.

Father's day 2021


Enjoy the Rocky Mountain experience from Denver

Father's day 2021 

Feeling like escaping to the mountains to spend a chill weekend with dad? Denver is the perfect base camp you will find for a trip to the Rockies! You can use the city as a launchpad from where you can plan a trip to the surrounding outdoor attractions in the Colorado mountains. Treat your dad to an exciting mountain trek through Rocky Mountain National Park and Pike’s Peak

Once you’re done with the high-altitude experience, you can come back to the city to enjoy the nightlife in Lower Downtown. Why not treat your dad to a Father’s Day 2022 night-out, millennial style? If you feel like pampering him to the max, you can book a suite at the iconic Brown Palace Hotel. After all, Elvis Presley said it was the best – and nothing less will suffice for dad!

Take a gamble together at Las Vegas

Disclaimer: we don’t take responsibility if you gamble your inheritance away! Jokes aside, there’s a lot you can do in Las Vegas on a Father’s Day 2022 trip. Perhaps you’ll find that despite all his rambles on saving money, there is a gambler’s streak in him after all!

Driving down The Strip to iconic locations you might previously only have seen in movies is going to be a ride! If you feel up to it, you can go for the entire luxury resort-casino experience. With famous casinos like the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, and the Bellagio, it’s likely you’ll be the one begging dad to roll the dice a little less often!

There’s more to Las Vegas than casinos, though. Hit the Mob Museum together, watch Cirque de Soleil in action, and round up your Sin City trip with the Neon Museum for an unforgettable light show.

Father's Day 2022 destinations to visit

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