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5 Great Momcation Destinations to Visit in 2023

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It’s that special day that moms everywhere look forward to! Mother‚Äôs Day 2023 will be celebrated on May 14. Here are some amazing destinations to head to for a momcation – a much-needed break from the demands of motherhood.

Yes, we don’t need a special day in particular to celebrate moms and motherhood. But it feels good to be pampered and made the center of attention once in a while. On such a mom-entous day, it makes sense for them to take a momcation of their own. They’ll want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

What is a Momcation? 

A momcation is a break from motherhood and the responsibilities that come with being a parent. In short, a vacation for mothers! It gives them time to relax, unwind, and catch up with their friends at a spa, resort, or vacation destination. While you can spend a momcation without leaving your house too, we highly recommend you jet off to a new place! Why not take that solo trip you always wanted to go on? Or rope in your female friends to have a girls trip together.  

We suggest the following five spectacular destinations you can visit if youre a mother looking¬†for a short getaway¬†or if youre someone looking to gift a trip to your mother! Be warned, though ¬†‚Äď these places will make you go¬†‚ÄėMamma Mia!‚Äô¬†

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Napa Valley, California 

momcation destinations

We know what youre thinking Рwhat better way to take a break from mom life than a trip to wine country? Napa Valley in California is known as one of the best wine regions in the world. Nothing but the best for mothers to unwind in! 

Checking into one of the¬†famous¬†Napa Valley¬†hotels here could be the best¬†momcation¬†idea you could¬†ever have.¬†You could even go on a¬†‚Äėglamping‚Äô experience – short for glamorous camping.¬† You will¬†be pampered with luxurious accommodation in the woods!¬†

While sipping on world-class wines¬†will¬†be at the top of your bucket list,¬†you can also reconnect with nature¬†by taking long walks in the pleasant weather of the valley. Also,¬†try¬†out¬†the¬†healing¬†effects of the famous hot springs in the region, and¬†you‘ll¬†have hit the motherlode of relaxing vacations!¬†

Beaufort, South Carolina 

Farrargirl, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If youre looking for a momcation on a budget, look no further than this quiet city with a storied history in the American South. This one is for moms who prefer a quiet getaway, with an itinerary that includes museums, art, and culture. 

Beaufort is located on the eastern coast, on one of South Carolinas Sea Islands. Apart from the coastal climate and the island attractions, the city is also known for its antebellum architecture. It is also a designated National Historic Landmark. If youre on a momcation, you can find the most value for your time on a guided tour of the historic citys mansions and plantations. Dont forget to visit the Seaside Plantation and Huntington Island State Park while youre here. 

Beaufort also has a place among Americas best art towns and hosts a prolific Performing Arts Center. The Kazoo Museum, which has the worlds largest collection of kazoos (a musical instrument used to create vocal effects), will also make for interesting viewing. 

If you cant make it to Beaufort during May, there are tons of events that you can visit later in the year. The Home Water Festival happens in mid-July and the Shrimp Festival in October (when you can try out the delicious local cuisine). The Beaufort International Film Festival is held every year in mid-February. 

Hershey, Pennsylvania Hershey's Chocolate World

You cant pamper someone without satisfying their sweet tooth. And mothers are no different! A momcation to Chocolate Town, Hershey will probably be unlike anything most people have ever experienced.  

While there are the usual chocolate outlets like Hersheys Chocolate World to explore, a momcation here is not complete without staying at the famous Hotel Hershey. Apart from the splendid view of the Hershey Flower Gardens, the hotel is also famous for its chocolate-themed spa packages. 

Fancy a relaxing Chocolate Spa? Hotel Hershey is where you have to be! The treatments include Whipped Cocoa Bath, Chocolate Bean Polish, and the Cocoa Facial Experience. The hotel has a Mothers Day special with discounts on several chocolate treatments. Once youre relaxed and refreshed, you can even get a taste of fine wine at the Cullari Vineyards, Hersheys very own winery, to top off a memorable trip.  

With excellent service and amenities, this is one experience where you will get optimum rest! 

Martha’s¬†Vineyard, Massachusetts¬†¬†

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts  

We know, we know ‚Äď one wine destination just wasnt enough! But dont let the name fool you; Martha‘s¬†Vineyard is less about liquor and more about luxury.¬†¬†

A¬†resort¬†island located off the Massachusetts coast, Martha’s¬†Vineyard¬†is a popular summer destination¬†for the rich and famous ‚Äď a perfect place to spend your¬†momcation¬†and be treated like royalty!¬†Many luxury hotels offer¬†momcation¬†packages¬†where you can be treated to lavish brunches, relaxing spa treatments, and on-demand yoga sessions.¬†¬†

Get your girl gang along and prepare for a few days of being pampered to the max! Walk along the sandy beaches while feeling the cool sea breeze, and climb up to the Aquinnah Cliffs for a wonderful ocean panorama. 

The Oak Bluffs Campground is where you can tour the Gothic-designed summer cottages of former residents. You can also visit Chappaquiddick Island, where you can go on a walking trail.  

But thats not all. If youre lucky, you might even¬†spot¬†your¬†favorite¬†celebrities on vacation¬†on the same island‚Äď think Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates!¬†¬†¬†

Cannon Beach, Oregon 

Cannon Beach, Oregon 

Not picking a momcation destination on the Pacific coast would be a momumental mistake. But Cannon Beach fits all the criteria for a cozy, coastal getaway! A solo trip here will be the best antidote to the hectic, urban life most moms are used to. 

You wont regret choosing this seaside resort city for your momcation. It is most famous for Haystack Rock, a 235-feet-tall sea rock that is surely Instagram-worthy enough to make the trip worthwhile! National Geographic has listed it as one of the most beautiful places in the world. It still retains a smalltown charm, perfect for moms to relax and unwind.  

The¬†Ecola¬†State Park is¬†three miles away, where you can walk amongst¬†old forests and greenery. It also has several hiking trails that lead to viewpoints from where you can whale-watch. If youd rather do a road trip, you can go on the Oregon Coast tour and explore the many cliffs and beaches along the shoreline.¬†One of the prominent cultural festivals here is the¬†Spring Unveiling. It’s an annual arts festival¬†held on the first¬†Sunday in May.¬†¬†

Momcation Travel Tip:

Avoid public transportation and services like rideshares or taxis as far as possible.  Opt to drive yourself to the airport if you need to catch a flight. You can further minimize your risk by booking your contactless airport or city parking spot online.


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