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5 ideas for hassle-free DFW parking

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the second largest airport in the country and the busiest air hub. Halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth and serving more than 200,000 passengers a day, the DFW Airport is also the second-largest airline hub in the world. Obviously, this means that finding affordable DFW parking can be quite a hassle most days, and more so during the holidays and other peak seasons. Here are 5 ideas for hassle-free DFW Airport parking.

dfw airport parking

Where to park at DFW Airport

There are many places for parking near DFW Airport, whether you’re heading out for a long time or are planning for a short trip out of Dallas. With this guide on the different types of parking, your parking experience at DFW Airport will be a breeze.

DFW parking options

With four parking garages offering parking facilities, there does seem to be adequate parking at DFW for all your needs.

People who regularly travel from Dallas for business or personal reasons will know the need for finding the perfect DFW parking spot. There’s nothing quite like parking your car in a place that you can be sure is safe and well-monitored.

(Note: We have updated the information wherever possible to represent current rates and availability; however, Dallas Fort Worth airport authorities can decide to update this status at any time.)

1. DFW long term parking

DFW long term parking is ideal when you need to be away for several days or even months. When it comes to long term parking, DFW offers a plethora of choices. This includes the Terminal Parking Lots (A, B, C, D, E), Express Parking Covered, Express Parking Uncovered, DFW Remote Parking, and DFW Valet Parking.  Parking rates at these lots are $24/day, $15/day, $12/day, $10/day, and $31/day, respectively. Bear in mind that this not your only option for DFW long term parking. There are plenty of offsite DFW parking lots that offer secure, guaranteed parking for just $4 per day. Most of these lots also offer 24/7 shuttle runs to the airport, negating the need for parking at the airport.

2. DFW short term parking

DFW short term parking is best for day-long travels or s when you simply want to see off friends or family. If you’re picking up or dropping passengers, just use short term lots for a few hours. With reasonable hourly rates, short term lots are convenient and quickly accessible. However, compared to valet and long term parking, DFW short term parking rates are the most expensive. Parking your vehicle for a whole day can easily cost you around $24 at the Terminal Parking lots. Although DFW short term parking may not be very economical, it still offers an easy option when it comes to short durations.

3. Hotel Parking near DFW Airport

DFW Airport hotel parking has always been a popular option for many passengers. Some of the hotels near DFW airport with free parking and shuttle are Embassy Suites, Sheraton Hotel, Doubletree Hotel, Clarion Inn & Suites, and Days Inn by Wyndham. The parking rates are pretty affordable, making hotel parking a suitable alternative to expensive onsite DFW parking. You can leave your car safely at a nearby airport hotel and then take a shuttle to your terminal.

4. Book DFW parking online

dfw airport parking

To get the cheapest parking at DFW, make your DFW long term parking reservation ahead of time. We recommend that you immediately reserve your DFW parking spot as soon as you book your airline ticket from Dallas Fort Worth airport. This gives you ample time to do your homework and read other customer reviews. If you’re looking for a great online site for DFW Airport parking, you would do well to visit the Way.com website or use the Way mobile app! All you have to do is choose a date and time, and you’ll be met with a plethora of DFW long term parking options. Compare rates, facilities, and amenities before booking your DFW Airport parking space and relaxing!

5. Try to unearth some DFW parking coupons

Spend some researching your DFW coupons online. Even something as simple as running a google search for DFW Airport parking coupons can yield fantastic results. You can also check for deals and offers on discount websites such as Groupon, RetailMeNot, and EBates. This is a fantastic way to save money on DFW Airport parking– both at the airport and nearby.

We hope that with these ideas, you can find the perfect DFW parking spot for your car. Happy travels!DFW parking


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