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5 smart ways to find easy Fort Lauderdale Airport parking

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 When flights into Miami Airport are overbooked and unavailable, most passengers look to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) as their saving grace. One of three primary airports serving the Miami Metropolitan Region, it mostly serves the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Dania Beach. It’s also an important gateway for intercontinental flights. Not surprisingly, Fort Lauderdale airport parking isn’t that easy to find! 

fort lauderdale airport parking

We’ve already broken down all you need to know about the on-site Fort Lauderdale airport parking lots. However, we believe that’s not enough – you need to know how to park smart if you want your experience to be as smooth as possible! Here are some quick hacks you can use to find a quick Fort Lauderdale Airport parking spot!

Smart hacks to find easy Fort Lauderdale Airport parking 

1. Use Valet Parking service at Fort Lauderdale airport parking 

What could be more convenient than just driving up to the airport, handing your car over to a trusty driver, and forgetting about everything else till the end of your trip? 

FLL Airport has a dependable curbside valet service that lets you do just that. There are three valet stations at the parking lots, so all you need to do is hand over your car, get your valet ticket, and head straight into the terminal. Why worry about finding Fort Lauderdale airport parking yourself – you can easily outsource that to someone else! You can even check the condition of your car through a regular camera inspection service so that you are satisfied. 

2. Use Overflow parking at FLL Airport 

During peak season, the on-site Fort Lauderdale airport parking lots can get filled pretty quickly. If you find yourself unable to find a regular parking spot, you can head to the Overflow Parking lot. If you foresee a lack of parking spaces in advance – like during the holidays – you can go straight to the Overflow Lot without even trying the usual parking lots. The Overflow Lot is located at the western end of the airport and is priced reasonably at $10/day. 

fort lauderdale airport parking

3. Use the Space Finder service for Fort Lauderdale airport parking 

Life can be a lot easier if you just follow the signs – literally! Using FLL Airport’s real-time Space Finder system, you can easily find out which parking level has free parking spots. All you need to do is look for the color-coded lights before each aisle. Green indicates a free parking spot, while red indicates a full aisle.  

4. Find free parking at the Cell Phone lot 

Yes, there’s free parking at FLL airport! The Cell Phone Lot is perfect for when you’re picking up passengers but don’t know exactly when they will come out of the airport. You don’t have to circle the airport until your friend comes out of the terminal – instead, you can cool your heels at this free parking lot and head out as soon as you’re required. It is easily accessible from I-595, US-1, and Griffin Road. 

5. Choose cheaper, off-site options for Fort Lauderdale airport parking 

If all these hacks are not to your liking, you can always go for the cheapest option – off-site Fort Lauderdale airport parking just around the corner. You can choose this if you feel the need to park longer or if your passengers have any flight delays. You can get a convenient off-site parking spot for as low as $2.95/day! Log on to the Way.com website or Way app to access up to 60% discounted rates on Fort Lauderdale airport parking.   

fort lauderdale airport parking

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