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5 things to know before parking in New York City 

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New York City has some of the best attractions and must-do things in all of the country. However, when it comes to parking and driving in general, it is not always smooth sailing. New York City has one of the highest traffic densities in all of the United States. With COVID-19 cases peaking at an all-time high across different states, having access to secure, well-maintained parking in New York City is really important. Your best bet at getting the cheap deals for parking in NYC would be websites like Way.com and parking providers like Icon Parking, which offer safe lots at some of the lowest rates possible. Icon Parking is the premier parking provider in NYC with more than 300 parking garages and over 50 years of customer satisfaction. Get instant access to secure lots that offer premium services like contactless parking, COVID-19 compliances, and safety measures for the best rates by parking with Icon. Understanding how the parking infrastructure works in New York City, along with knowing which parking providers are the best can help you save lots of time, money, and frustrating drives around NYC, looking for a comfortable parking spot.

5 things to know before parking in New York City 

Road Closures and Heavy Traffic 

Due to the hefty traffic in NYC, you can expect to be stuck in traffic when you least expect it, and that too without any warning. During peak hours, traffic can become worse, and traffic movement will be very slow. If you have to reach a destination in NYC at a specific time, it is always best to leave early and reserve a parking space well in advance. Having access to the Way App lets you select plenty of affordable parking from renowned parking services like Icon Parking. Road closures in NYC are also common, especially during the winter season and construction or maintenance work. Usually, most of these road closures take place with prior notice.  

Be Prepared for Long Queues 

5 things to know before parking in New York City 

Most of the parking in New York City has valet parking available. With so many cars on the street and fewer spots in comparison available for parking, most parking lots have attendants to handle valet parking. Suppose you are heading to the city during peak hours and have a slot booked well in advance. It would be best if you zone in on the fact that chances are pretty high for the parking lot to be a valet assisted parking. Another interesting feature of parking in New York City is that most of these lots have narrow entrances that can be tricky to drive into. To ensure that your car enters the parking area safely and to have some control over the large number of vehicles arriving at the busy parking lots, attendants will usually take over your car for parking in NYC. While this ensures that your car is safely parked, it does take a bit more time than usual parking spaces as parking attendants can only tend to one car at a time. Always best to be prepared for long ques, and factor in the waiting time before heading out. 

Park with Professional Parking Vendors 

Contactless or contact-free parking is one of the most asked about parking feature in the COVID-19 era. To ensure that you have access to secure, well-maintained, and sanitized lots that offer foolproof safety from the virus, you must go for professional parking with renowned, established vendors and parking companies. Way.com and Icon Parking, who have years of experience and hundreds of options to choose from for city parking in New York City, make sure that you get value for the money you pay. Icon parking also has the most number of parking garages in New York City, across all five boroughs. When you park at an Icon Parking Garage, you can be assured that your car gets the best parking service in NYC, and that too at unbeatable rates.  

Big Cars Have Bigger Parking Expenses 

Parking in New York City NYC

The majority of New York City parking lots have height restrictions for vehicles parking in the lot. Some of these parking lots also make it clear at the entrance of the lot itself that there will be extra charges for oversized cars. Any car that is bigger than a sedan is usually considered by staff at most parking lots as an oversized vehicle. Typical costs for oversized cars can range anywhere from $10 – $15 or $20, depending on the car’s size. Anything in the range of a small SUV can cost you around $15, whereas full-fledged SUVs could be even more expensive and in the range of $20. 

Check About In/Out Privileges Before Parking 

If you finally found a parking spot or had pre-booking with websites like Way.com that helped you get your parking in NYC without any hassles, do not get carried away. Always ask the staff at the parking lot about in and out privileges before leaving your car behind. Due to the massive demand for parking across New York City, most parking lots and garages do not provide any in/out privileges. If the parking lots are valet parking lots that require you to hand over your vehicle keys to the attendant, make sure to remove everything valuable from your car before handing over the keys. 

5 things to know before parking in New York City 

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