5 Tips for College Grads

You finally did it. After years of hard work, you are graduating from college – definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating. Now the panic of real adult life is setting in, with finding a job and having more adult responsibilities. Adulting can be a real bummer during this time. Let’s pump the brakes for a second! You need to take some time out for yourself! After all, you’ve made it to graduation. So how to enjoy some time off? Here are a few tips on what to do after graduating and kickstarting the soul search before your next step into adulthood.

Read as much as you can

When in college, we read A LOT. Whether it’s the books we are assigned for a class or the mountains of textbooks and research materials accumulated over the years, take some time to read what you want. Not only does this keep your brain in motion and sharp, but you also get a chance to see others writing styles and escape into new worlds. While it is tempting not to open a book, ever again, take some time and go to a bookstore, or library, and browse genres you normally wouldn’t be looking at. Stepping out of your shoes, while envisioning another person’s story, forces you to look at your own life with a widened perspective. Having a wider perspective about life is extremely helpful when deciding on your next big life decisions.

Go to a music festival

While the festival season has already started, there are still SO many more music festivals right around the corner. Lollapalooza in Chicago, the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Burning Man in Nevada, and the Cincinnati Music Festival in Cincinnati are some of the biggest events this year that will be featuring amazing artists! No matter what your musical taste is, there is sure to be a music festival for you. If you can’t find one you like, try going to a concert of your favorite artist with some friends. With sites like Way, you can find event tickets and book your parking all in one place – making your plans even easier to book.

Learn how to cooks a couple of staple meals

The next step in your life is probably going to entail living on your own, or with roommates and housemates. Even if you get fortunate enough to live with those who love to cook, find a cooking class and learn how to make some of your favorite meals! Foods such as rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, and chicken (or tofu for those vegan and vegetarians) are staples that set you up for the more complex meals. Once you have the cooking basics down, you can make different combinations and find out what you enjoy, or more importantly, what you don’t enjoy. If you already got the cooking basics down, learn how to cook more advanced meals! Steak, risotto, seared scallops, or coconut curry are dishes that may sound complicated and fancy but are low-maintenance that will impress your friends or even your date.

Travel and volunteer!

Many people who graduate will either dive right into the workforce, or they will take advantage of their new free time and travel. Even if student loans are zapping your fun budget, you can still travel. Volunteer opportunities are always being offered, and many are overseas. Not only will you be helping communities, but this is also the perfect time to check out local activities and immerse yourself in a new culture. Broaden your horizons and see the world from a new perspective. Travel now before your career and adulting gets in the way, making these opportunities harder to take on.

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Go on a road trip with your friends

Spending time with your college friends outside of the academic lifestyle is important. Remember, life happens, and when we are not in a continuously scheduled environment anymore, we end up not seeing the same people day-in and day-out. Distance gets created – family, work, and continuing education start to become more of a priority. As we grow older, at times, we tend to grow apart from some of our best friends. So once school is over, spend some time with friends! Take a trip together to build moments of connections and try new activities wherever you go.



Now that you have that degree in your back pocket, the world is your oyster! Take some time to work on yourself to keep you sharp and ready for anything the world throws at you. Just make sure your next Wayventure is fun and easy by planning all your activities, events, airport parking, event parking, and more at Way!

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