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5 Tips to Find the Best Colorado Auto Insurance Quotes

  • Auto Insurance
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Finding affordable car insurance in Colorado is easier said than done. With an average car insurance rate of $1746 per year, insuring your car in Centennial State costs 14% higher than the national average. The high cost of car insurance in Colorado can be attributed to the state’s densely populated cities. The more drivers on the road, the more the chances of accidents, which drives up Colorado car insurance quotes. However, there are a couple of ways to find more affordable Colorado auto insurance quotes. Read on to know more. 

Auto insurance savings

1. Compare car insurance quotes in Colorado 

Since car insurance rates differ from company to company, it’s good practice to shop around, searching for the most affordable car insurance in Colorado. Before choosing car insurance, we’d recommend calling several car insurance companies or going online to find the rates they offer.  

However, finding the cheapest auto insurance quote won’t do. It would help if you also kept an eye out for the company’s financial stability to gauge whether they will be able to pay your claims with ease. You could check the financial health of insurance companies with rating firms like AM Best or even read up reviews online before narrowing down your choices. 

2. Pick a car with low insurance costs 

If you are planning to buy a brand-new car or even a used one, make sure to check out what it costs to insure the vehicle. The cost of insuring a car can vary from model to model, often depending on the car’s price, the cost to repair it, and the likelihood of theft, among others. If the car you plan on buying is equipped with up-to-date safety features that promise to reduce the risk of injuries or theft, there are chances of getting discounts from your insurance company. 


3. Keep a clean driving record 

Sure, it’s easier said than done. But you won’t believe how much money you could save every year by keeping a clean driving record. Insurance companies look into several factors, including your age and gender, while determining your car insurance rates. Having a clean driving record gives the insurance company proof that you are a responsible driver who does not risk others on the road. Some insurance companies even encourage good driving habits by providing incentives and discounts on car insurance. So make sure you don’t get parking tickets or DUIs in Colorado. 

4. A good credit score can save you money! 

Maintaining a solid credit history can cut your insurance costs significantly. So make sure you pay your credit card bills on time, as most insurers use your credit information to set the price for your auto insurance policy. What’s more, several studies have shown that people who manage their credit well have fewer claims! The best way to maintain a good credit score is by paying your bills on time and keeping your credit balances as low as possible. We’d even go as far as checking our credit record regularly and correcting any errors, if any, to keep our record as accurate as possible. 

5. Use way.com to find cheap Colorado auto insurance quotes  

With a dedicated team of car insurance analysts reviewing hundreds of auto insurance quotes, way.com not only provides free car insurance quotes for you but can also find out the best insurance providers in Colorado based on several criteria. In fact, we have already compiled a list of Colorado car insurance companies that have the most affordable quotes, and you can read all about it here.

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