5 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Belongings While Traveling


When the travel bug bites, you have to scratch that itch and plan your next destination. However, traveling can come with safety and security risks. We have put together essential ways to help protect yourself and your belongings while exploring new destinations.

Buy a filtered water Bottle

Buying a water bottle that contains a filter makes it possible for you to drink water anywhere, anytime. This water bottle also comes in handy while at the airport. Since TSA does not allow liquids over a certain amount, going through security with an empty bottle is perfectly acceptable. You could buy bottled water wherever you go, but that cost could add up, and it is not exactly environmentally friendly. However, in places where you are traveling, the tap water could contain harmful bacteria that could make you very sick. Now that would put a damper on your entire trip!

Get a portable phone charger

If you are someone who enjoys backpacking your way through countries or spending most of your trip out of the hotel room, getting a portable phone charger could be a game changer for you. While traveling, you may not be able to get to an area where you can charge your phone and other electronic devices. A dead cell phone could be detrimental since our phones tend to be our source of all information. There are many different brands and types of portable chargers, but one of my favorites has a solar panel. This way, you have more than one way of ensuring your mobile device never dies, reducing the chances of leaving you stranded.

Buy a dummy wallet to protect yourself

No matter where you travel, there is a high chance you’ll run into those dishonest types of people. Purchase a dummy wallet and it doesn’t hurt to add in a suitably offensive note and a very, very disturbing picture of your choosing. This way, if someone does pickpocket you, at least you’d feel a bit better with a laugh or two about their surprise gift. Once you start traveling, hide your real wallet somewhere on your person to ensure you do not lose your identification and the majority of your money.

Email yourself a scanned image of your passport or identification card /driver license

You’ll thank yourself if you are ever the victim of theft or loss. While these scans do not ensure your safe passage back home when taking an airplane, it will make it a lot easier for your local embassy to help you get papers to get back home. While you are at it, it is worth while to email screenshots of any journey confirmations and important travel documentations to yourself as well. Flights, buses, trains, hotels, and hostel confirmations, whether on your phone, laptop or tablet, are important pieces of information to access. This is especially helpful if you stored your screenshot on your electronic devices, on top of storing it in your email, and you find yourself in a place with no internet access at all. Having these screenshots is also easier than keeping track of all your printouts.

Use ATMs inside banks, airports, and hotel lobbies

Most of those who travel understand that there are some situations where cash is the only acceptable currency. Do your best to pull cash from ATMs inside of banks, airports, and hotel lobbies. You have much more of a chance being observed – or worse – robbed from free-standing cash machines on the street. Also, free-standing ATMs have a higher chance of being compromised with fraudulent card readers that can steal your credit card information.

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