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5 tips you should know to find stress-free Philadelphia Chinatown parking

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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Are you heading to the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, Philadelphia? Remember that the streets are going to be packed, and spots are few and far between. Breeze through these essential tips to know all about your Philadelphia Chinatown parking options! Once you’re done, you’ll know exactly where to head and how much to pay, so your car is safe during your Chinatown visit.

The Chinatown neighborhood in Philadelphia is one of the fastest-growing Asian enclaves in the country. It might not be as large as Manhattan Chinatown, but it is still pretty dense and busy enough to have parking problems galore! The growing Asian-American population and commercial importance do not bode well for those looking for Philadelphia Chinatown parking.

Entrance gate to Philadelphia Chinatown:: Find parking nearby using Way.com


Hundreds of visitors head to Chinatown every day to experience the authentic cuisine and retail outlets here. If you don’t plan your parking, you may find yourself among the many drivers who end up driving in circles! Knowing some essential tips will help you smooth things over – here’s a quick run-through of the top 5 things you need to know when looking for parking in Chinatown, Philadelphia.

1. How can you reach Philadelphia Chinatown without hassle?

Chinatown is located in one of the busiest and densest areas of Philadelphia – Center City. You can reach Chinatown from several directions, as given below.

South West along I-95 S

Stay on I-95 until you reach Exit 22, from where you must turn right on to Callow Hill Street. Drive for half a mile, make a right onto 8th Street, and then get on the Vine Street ramp. Stay straight on to Vine Street and continue until you come to 12th Street. Turn left onto 12th Street, a left again on Race Street, and one more left onto North 11th street to head straight into Chinatown.

North along NJ-55

Drive on 55, and eventually, it will change to NJ-42 North. Take Exit 2, which will merge onto I-676 North. As you drive towards the exit, make sure to stay on the left-hand side to get onto I-676 / US-30 West. Get on the ramp for PA-611 (the PA Convention Center), and make a slight left onto Vine Street. Turn left onto North 12th Street, turn left again onto Race Street, and then left again onto North 11th Street. Follow 11th Street to reach Chinatown.

Location Map

2. Research on-site Philadelphia Chinatown parking near your destination

There are many commercial restaurants and shopping sites that could figure on your Chinatown must-visit list. Some of them may have on-site parking lots with limited parking spaces. Whether or not you get a convenient space will depend on the crowd and the flow of vehicles at different locations. On-site parking also comes with additional costs. Reservations are expensive, and on-site parking rates could be as high as $30 for just a couple of hours.

Most people usually choose private parking lots in Chinatown, Philadelphia, where they can get a guaranteed parking spot.

3. Look for street parking in Philadelphia Chinatown

You can find metered Philadelphia Chinatown parking along Arch Street, Cherry Street, Race Street, and other surrounding streets in Chinatown. Street parking rates cost $3 per hour. There is a maximum parking time limit of 2 hours between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 3 hours between 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. However, these timings and rates may slightly vary depending on which street you are parking on. Keep an eye out for parking signboards that indicate these timings.

A drawback of street parking is that it can often become a hassle – what with the trouble of finding a spot in the first place and keeping track of time limits! Most people don’t enjoy having a countdown in their head – it can really take the fun out of your Chinatown visit!

Street in Philadelphia Chinatown


4. Know where to find free parking in Chinatown, Philadelphia

You can find very limited free parking in Chinatown, Philadelphia, along a few streets like Arch Street and Spring Street. It’s best not to count too much on on-street parking because these spots will likely be snapped up by early drivers. They’re blink-and-miss spots that need both a keen eye and luck to nab. Ensure you don’t park on streets that require a parking permit -you could be slapped with a heavy fine. It’s best to have a Plan B in hand with an off-site Philadelphia Chinatown parking lot or garage.Pre-book a Philadelphia Chinatown parking spot today

5. Pre-book an off-site parking lot in Chinatown, Philadelphia

Pre-booking an off-site parking garage in Philadelphia Chinatown beats all other parking options by a mile! If it’s both convenience and affordability you’re looking for, using a parking app like Way.com is your best bet. With easy online booking, contactless parking, and flexible parking options, it can smoothen your Philadelphia Chinatown parking experience by quite a bit. Besides, you can save big through early-bird discounts and vouchers, which can reduce up to 30% of your parking cost!

Simply whip out your smartphone, punch in ‘Chinatown Philadelphia,’ and you’ll be shown the best off-site parking garages in the vicinity. All you need to do is compare prices and book your preferred spot! All the garages in our inventory are CCTV-enabled, paved, and well-maintained. They are also filtered according to user reviews, so only the best is shown to you on screen. Here are the closest garages for Philadelphia Chinatown parking

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