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5 Ways to Make Father’s Day Weekend Special

  • Things To Do
  • Celine Jerly
  • 3 minutes

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A day out with dad or a trip down the memory lane – here are a few ideas to plan a special surprise for your hero this Father’s Day weekend.    

Racking your brains for the perfect Father’s Day gift? How about a memorable experience – something that can turn the whole weekend into a special Father’s Day celebration! You can keep it simple and spend the whole weekend at home or go all out and plan a mini-vacation with your dad – either way, the personalized touch is sure to impress him and give you the chance to spend more time doing the thing you enjoy together.
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Father’s Day Weekend at Home  

Most dads would love to take a break from the routine and spend some downtime at home. But don’t let him waste away Father’s Day weekend in front of the TV! Plan some Father’s Day activities he’ll enjoy – throw him a backyard BBQ party or picnic, watch all his favorite movies together, play a board game or video game, or share some good old memories over a beer. You needn’t spend a penny or step out of the house for all the best activities; spending time with him and doing things he loves is the priority.   

Take a Mini Vacation  

Going out is more exciting than ever after the pandemic – if you are still waiting to take a trip, now is the time! Plan a road trip with your dad or book a staycation he’ll love. You can go hiking and camping at any national park, soak up some sun on the coast, go boating and fishing, or hit the golf course. Don’t forget to plan ahead for a no-glitch vacation – reserve your parking, hotel accommodations, tickets, permits, etc. Last-minute bookings can be a hassle and will even cost you more.   

Gift a Father’s Day Experience  

Dad needs some TLC too! Pamper him with a spa day or get him tickets to a wine/beer tasting. Does he love arts and culture? – book tickets to a show or the museum. Loves to travel – help him plan a road trip through his favorite cities and enjoy a drive with the family. Watch an outdoor movie with him or take him to his favorite bar. If you both love learning new things together, an online workshop or class is just perfect for spending Father’s Day together.   

Fathers day gift

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts  

Put together photos and videos of your family’s favorite memories and make a movie for your dad – host a special screening for friends and family. Don’t have time to make a movie, try scrapbooking instead. You can also give his room or favorite corner in the house a makeover.  

Fathers Day Weekend

Father’s Day Out in the City  

Have you explored your city yet? Plan a city tour with your dad – visit the most popular attractions and hidden gems, go for a walk or relax at a park, plan a photoshoot for your dad and hunt for the best backgrounds, or go for a long drive and dinner. Don’t forget to book your parking spots in the city and make reservations for dinner as the demand will be high during the Father’s Day weekend.

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