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51% of Drivers in Tampa Say the Pandemic has Affected their Transportation Habits

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  • Jeannie Assimos
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Has the pandemic affected the driving habits of residents in Tampa, Florida? You bet, but 48% say they will still rideshare, and 47% say flying is their favorite method of transportation. To have a Tampa drivers stats we’ve been surveying drivers around the country to learn how they are feeling about commuting, cars, and transportation these days, and it seems those in the sunshine state are faring better in many ways than those in California or Washington D.C.

First of all, their commuters are far shorter, and the majority are driving into work just once a week (68%). In California, 63% of drivers are commuting 3+ days a week. On top of that, anxiety rates are nearly 10% higher for CA drivers.

Drivers in Washington D.C. are spending more time in their cars on a daily basis than those in Tampa, with 55% spending up to an hour for a commute. The majority of Tampa drivers (54%) have a commute that is less than 10 minutes.

When it comes to the self-driving car, Tampa residents are not feeling it: 67% said they would not be purchasing one. They are more open about the possibility of traveling to space, however, with 57% saying “of course” to that opportunity.

Despite shorter commute times, the rate of those who report experiencing road rage (60.94%) is about the same as those in D.C. (59%) and California (63%).

See all the Tampa drivers stats below:

Tampa drivers stats


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245 people in the Tampa area were surveyed via email in October 2021.

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