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56% of Americans are Driving Less Due to Gas Prices

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  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 3 minutes

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With gas prices soaring across the states, we wanted to check the temperature on how people were feeling about our current fuel issues and electric vehicles as an alternative.

Experts are estimating that the average gas price per gallon may exceed $5 across many parts of the country in the next six months. In 2020, the average gas price was around $2.242 per gallon, and it increased to $3.133 per gallon in 2021, recording a surge of 39.7 percent. The average price per gallon was around $3.50 this past January, and it surged to $3.675 in February. In March, the average price per gallon stands at $4.289.

So how is this impacting the American driver? A lot. Over 56% of those surveyed said they were feeling the pain at the pump and were now driving less to the increase in gas costs. 42.7% said they are just paying the price, and still driving the same amount.

Over 60% said they are now paying between $75 and $100 to fill up their tanks, with 16% of those spending $100 each time they visited their local station.

With this added expenditure, one might assume that an electric vehicle was becoming a more popular option, but for 41% of those asked, they still weren’t sure. Just 28% said they were very likely to opt for an electric car next, while 32% said they were unlikely to go that route. EV purchases accounted for 4.5% of all car sales in the last quarter of 2021.

The reasons for the hesitancy? Two things – the price, and the fear of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no charger in sight. 50% of those asked said the cost of an electric car was just too steep, while 63% cited getting stuck with no chargers available as their biggest concern. In places like California, where there are about 40,000 chargers all over the state – you are definitely seeing many more EV’s on the road, likely because there are enough charging stations to make people feel comfortable.

As for the concept of self-driving cars, the verdict is a big no for most. 69% of those in our survey said the self-driving car idea was just plain “scary.”

Our belief at Way.com is that car ownership should be affordable for all Americans, so besides more affordable car insurance, parking rates, auto refinance, and roadside assistance – we’ll be offering customers up to .60 less per gallon starting this June – it seems just in time.

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900 Way customers were surveyed in March, 2022 via Mail Chimp.

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