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6 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Want Nothing 

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  • Renee Martin
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Aren’t dads just the best? They devote their time to raising their children and often ask for nothing in return. Come Father’s Day, that makes it harder to get a gift for your dad. It’s more probable that he would pull your leg and say something like “Don’t make a big deal outta it!” or “Are you trying to make me feel old?” How can you find a Father’s Day gift for a dad who says he wants nothing? 

Well, even though they SAY they don’t want anything, all dads covet some things which are likely to set their eyes sparkling! Some things can be bought with money, while others are just plain ‘priceless’ – needing only your time and company. Here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas for your dad – even if he insists he doesn’t want anything! 

Watches: the perfect Father’s Day gift

father's day gifts 

Gifting a watch has been a time-honored tradition at several stages in a man’s life. A watch not only serves as a useful timekeeping device, but it also reminds the wearer of the person who gifted it to them! What better way to let Dad know that he means the world to you? You could choose the classic analog watch or a chronograph, which is always in vogue. If your dad is a tech geek, you could even update the tradition by gifting him a sleek smartwatch!. 

Grooming Kits for the style-conscious Dad

father's day gifts 

This Father’s Day gift will never go out of fashion. Regardless of whether your dad likes to be clean-shaven or grows out his mane, a grooming kit is an essential component of every man’s wardrobe! Every kit usually consists of a trimmer, moisturizer, after-shave lotion, and face wash. If your dad is fond of growing his beard, there are kits that include special beard oils and curlers as well! Talk about a Father’s Day gift that will make him admit he wanted it! 

The gift of easy Parking as a Father’s Day gift

Many of us may have dads who travel often as part of their job. Whether on an inter-city commute or even a flight to another city, one inconvenience they are sure to face is where to find an affordable parking spot. Parking in any city can be quite challenging when there are parking limits and steep rates. Even for dads who prefer to drive to the airport for their flights, finding convenient airport parking can be frustrating. Give your dad a guaranteed city parking or airport parking spot as a Father’s Day gift by booking through Way.com. Once booked, all you need to do is share the email with him, so that’s one less thing for him to worry about during travel! 

save up to 60% on city parking spot booking on way.comHandmade Father’s Day card: Sentimental Father’s Day gift

father's day gifts

Nothing says “I love you, Dad” than something you’ve taken time out to create for him. A handmade collage of your memories together, collected into a simple folded card, will probably give him more joy than anything you ever buy him! Most dads are sentimental about the sweet little nothings their child makes – it could be your first painting, your first photograph, the first Father’s Day gift card you ever made for him, etc. So kindle his memories by creating something by your own hand and making Father’s Day 2021 extra special! 

Spending quality time with Dear Dad

father's day gifts

When your dad says he wants nothing as a Father’s Day gift, he probably means he doesn’t want anything ‘material.’ What would make him the happiest is for you to spend time with him and to do some activities together. This could be going on a road trip together, heading off to your favorite fishing spot for some angling, grabbing a beer or some wine at his favorite restaurant, or even rekindling memories of his favorite movie!  

Some things can be bought with money, while others are just plain ‘priceless’. Here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas for your dad!Gift him a Car Wash Pass as a Father’s Day gift

father's day gifts

If you owned a car while growing up, you probably have great memories of helping dad wash the car during the weekends. As kids, we would’ve been the most excited in doing our part – bringing out the hose, dusting the interiors, hosing down the car and scrubbing it clean, etc. However, with age, it’s likely that he would prefer to drive the car to a convenient car wash instead of exerting himself. Gift him an Ultimate Car Wash Pass using Way.com so he can rest easy while the car is taken care of. With unlimited monthly washes and the option for multiple cars per user, the Ultimate Car Wash Pass from Way.com is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who say they want nothing! 

The Way.com app is the perfect choice for booking affordable parking spots. Also, we help you find EV charging near you, the best gas discounts, auto refinance, home insurance, auto insurance, and car washes 


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