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6 things to do in Philadelphia Airport during a layover 

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If youre flying out from anywhere on the East Coast, chances are that you will end up at Philadelphia Airport sooner or later. Given the fact that it is one of the top 20 busiest airports in the country, you will likely also have to spend time here at some point – either if your flight is delayed or if you’re on a layover between connecting flights.  

things to do in philadelphia airport

If youre wondering whether youll be bored out of your mind at Philly Airport, weve got great news for you! Getting stuck here isnt necessarily a bad thing – thereare so many cool things to do at the airport that you wont feel like catching that flight! Heres our guide on how to make the most of your layover at Philly Airport. 

1. Enjoy some song and dance 

You read that right – you can sing and dance at the Philly Airport! Spending time in the terminal isnt a dreary experience at all with Enjoy PHL, the in-house entertainment program, which showcases talented musicians and performers from Philadelphia. You can find them at several locations throughout the airport – most prominently at B/C and F food courts, where they serenade customers with upbeat music. If youre visiting during a holiday season like Christmas, youll find season-specific events being held (like an airport Santa Claus, magicians, and even a choir). 

2. Hog on some great food 


If you missed out on the famous Philadelphia cheesesteak when you visited the city, dont fret! Philadelphia Airport has enough and more fabulous restaurants that recreate famous Philadelphia dishes right in the terminal. For the best cheesesteak in Philly Airport, head on over to any of the following: Chickies and Peteat terminals A (West), C, D, and E; Tony Lukes in Terminal F; or Genos in B/C connector food court. You can also dig into some Italian at Aldo Lamberti Trattoria in Terminal C, or have a sample of Asian cuisine at Sky Asian Bistro as well! 

3. Let your kid explore  

Waiting at any airport can be pain if you cant find a way to occupy your child. But Philly Airport has an answer to that – a dedicated Kids Corner where they can have a healthy dose of edutainmentYounger children can be kept occupied with games and puzzles like Make Your Own Glider,‘ ‘City Scramble, and People Who Work at the Airport. Older kids can read aviation books, learn common aviation terms using the Aviation Alphabet, and get a physics lesson with games like Why Planes Fly. 

4. Lounge around in luxury 

things to do in philadelphia airport

Combining the best in hospitality and entertainment, Philadelphia Airport has several exclusive lounges where you can put your boots up, relax with a drink, and catch a few winks. They all offer the best airport services you may need ranging from a bar, restaurant, sleeping areas, showers, and workstations. Some of them accept walk-in customers, while others are accessible if youre willing to take an annual or exclusive membership. 

The main lounges at Philly Airport include: 

  • American Airlines Admirals Club: at Concourse A East, Concourse A West, Concourse B/C, and Concourse F. 
  • Centurion Lounge:  Terminal A, Airside, near Gate A14. 
  • Delta Sky Club: at Terminal D, Airside, to the right of The Earl Of Sandwich. 
  • United ClubAirside, secondlevel, between Concourse C & D. 
  • USO LoungeTerminal E, Airside, near Gate E2 

things to do in philadelphia airport

5. View curated airport art 

At the Exhibitions Program in Philly Airport, art lovers can take in an exquisite range of curated art that features young artists from the city and rotating exhibits from established ones. It ensures visitors get a dose of traveling art and infuses culture into the airports interiors. Another big draw at the airport is the digitized art exhibitions like Philadelphias 100 History makers of the 20th century between Terminal E and F, and Philadelphia: The First World Heritage in the City between Terminals A-East and B 

6. Let your pet unwind 

If youre traveling with a pet, youre likely to be less at ease until your furry companion is also relaxed. Philly Airport has got your back! There are dedicated Animal Relief Areas located in each terminal so that your pet can run around, de-stress and relieve itself before its time to board the flight.  

 Things to do near Philadelphia Airport 

Panoramic, River, Water, Travel, City, Philadelphia

If you have a long layover at Philadelphia Airport, consider visiting some of the popular spots in the Birthplace of America, as the city is called. The easiest mode of transportation is by Regional Rail (SEPTA), which has stops at all the airport terminals. You can reach Center City in less than half an hour. Try not to miss the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Constitution Center. If youre visiting after sundown, head straight to Old City, where you can pop into Independence Hall and see the Liberty Bell before heading to grab a bite and a beer. You can down a few swigs at 2nd Story Brewing, chow on some Asian cuisine at Buddakan, or experience 18th century-style colonial cuisine at City Tavern. 

Note: Before you venture out during your layover at Philadelphia Airport, make sure you are permitted to do so. 

Things to do at Philadelphia Airport

Philadelphia Airport Travel Tip:

  • If you want spend time enjoying all that Philly Airport has to offer, be sure to reach the airport early. Make sure you book your PHL parking spot ahead of your travel so that there’s no last-minute hurrying. 
  • Avoid public transportation and services like rideshares or taxis as far as possible – opt instead to drive yourself to the airport if you need to catch a flight. You can further minimize your risk by booking your contactless Philadelphia airport parking spot online.

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