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6 Tips on How You Can Make Your Tesla Battery Last Longer

  • Car Care Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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Do you own a Tesla and would like its battery to hold out for a little longer before you can find an EV charger near you? Follow these tips on how to make your Tesla battery last longer.

Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere these days. They are in your smartphones, laptops, and even the Tesla you own! If you’ve been using a cell phone for a long, then you might already be familiar with some level of battery degradation. While cell phone batteries aren’t all that expensive to replace due to their diminutive size, it could cost you an arm and a leg to get new batteries for your Tesla. After all, they are the soul of electric vehicles. Hence, knowing how to keep them in optimum condition can help you save a ton of money in ownership costs.

Find an EV charger near you

While auto manufacturers claim that the lithium-ion batteries in their EVs are designed to last just as long as the cars they build, there’s no denying that they degrade over time and lose the capacity to hold the maximum charge.

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Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you could extend your Tesla battery life. Read on to know more:

How to make Tesla battery last longer

1. Set a daily charging routine

Consistent charging habits can help your Tesla’s lithium-ion battery pack last longer. While charging routinely does not increase its range, it can at least help maintain it. We recommend maintaining a consistent charging schedule at home with a low-voltage wall charger to keep your batteries topped up and ready for a trip. Compared to Tesla’s Supercharger, a low-voltage home charger puts less stress on your batteries. A consistent charging routine also helps slow down battery degradation. So it’s best to save the higher-voltage Superchargers for when you’re on the go and need to get back on the road.

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Like your cell phone batteries, experts recommend EV users avoid charging their EV batteries to 100%. Instead, you could charge it up to 90% for your daily drive. And on your way back home, ensure it does not fall below 20%, as that could aid battery degradation. If you want the most range possible before a long road trip, charge your Tesla to 100% before leaving to avoid it staying at that charge level for too long.

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2. Use regenerative braking whenever possible

All EVs come standard with regenerative braking that helps convert your car’s kinetic energy into chemical energy stored in the battery, which can be used later to extend the range of your vehicle. In simpler words, your Tesla’s motors can act as a generator to convert the energy usually lost while braking and store it in the form of chemical energy in your batteries. As the vehicle moves forward, the energy gathered from regenerative braking can be used to maximize the range. If you own a Tesla, you could choose the ‘Standard’ setting in your menu options to maximize the energy retrieved while braking.

3. Reduce aerodynamic drag

A car that can cut through the air effortlessly is almost always more efficient than a car that doesn’t. That’s the reason behind sedans and hatchbacks being more fuel-efficient than tall trucks. The same concept applies to EVs as well. If you own a Tesla or any other EV, we recommend removing roof racks and cycle racks when they are not needed. While that may sound like a lot of effort, it does help improve the range of your EV significantly.

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If you own a Tesla, we recommend setting your air suspension level to ‘low’ or ‘very low’ to help cut aerodynamic drag. Tesla Model 3 owners can reduce aerodynamic drag by opting for a set of Aero wheels that helps reduce aerodynamic drag by diverting turbulent air away from the wheels. Additionally, you could keep your windows closed to help your Tesla cut through the air in a more efficient manner. This significantly helps in extending your Tesla’s battery life.

4. Avoid discharging your battery completely

One of the first things to avoid while owning a Tesla is consuming the battery’s full charge. When there’s a chance to recharge your EV, don’t allow the battery to fall below 20%, as this can lead to lower battery performance over time. If you don’t need the entire range of the battery, don’t use it.

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5. Charge more frequently

Always keep your EV charged and never let its batteries run down. Make sure you charge your EV every 2-3 days to keep the battery healthy and the vehicle ready for a trip at any moment.

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6. Avoid excessive acceleration

This is another crucial way to extend Tesla’s battery life. It is crucial not to push the pedal to the metal in electric vehicles such as Tesla. While it’s tempting to get a kick out of EVs, with their instantaneous torque delivery, strong acceleration for long periods results in an abrupt drain of current in the batteries. Heavy acceleration reduces range and causes the tires to wear out considerably faster.

Tesla full charge time

A Tesla can take anything from six to twelve hours to charge. This is determined primarily by the Tesla model and the type of Tesla charger used. Here are more details on How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge a Tesla?

How long does a fully charged Tesla last?

Tesla batteries typically last for around 335 miles on a single charge. The Model 3 has the shortest range at 267 miles, whereas the Model S has the highest range at 405 miles.

Tesla charging tips

  • Whenever possible, battery charging should be kept between 20% and 90%.
  • Tesla suggests daily low-voltage charging. High-voltage superchargers should are not for daily use.
  • Cold temperature drains battery energy, so keep your Tesla in a warm place above 20F. Leave it plugged in for charge-induced warmth.
  • Keep Tesla below 85F because cooling a hot battery may require more energy. Avoid this by plugging in or parking out of the sun.
  • It is recommended that you fully charge your battery every three months.


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