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63% of Americans Say They’ll Travel During the Holidays in 2021

  • Holiday Travel Tips
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 2 minutes

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Holiday travel is happily back in 2021, as Americans plan to visit loved ones via road trips, plane rides, or in some cases, by train or bus. Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa tops the list of holidays for travel, with 20.22% saying they will be departing for a family adventure right around that time.

On Thanksgiving, 15.19% of adults surveyed said they will be venturing out to share a holiday meal with family and friends. Just over 27% of those asked said they will travel for both holidays. Here’s the breakdown:

travel stats

According to the survey from The Vacationer, 37% more people say they will travel this year over last, with older Americans being the least likely to take a trip. Just over 53% of those surveyed over 60 reported they will not be going anywhere for the upcoming season, while just 24% of those 18-29 say they won’t be traveling. All of this adds up to good news for the travel and hospitality industries, as the 63% collectively who say they will travel equals 161 million adults.

Spending on Thanksgiving Travel

How comfortable are Americans with travel in 2021? According to the survey, 42.82% are comfier than they were last year, while 46.57% feel about the same. Only 10.61% are less comfortable with the idea. Overall, that translates into 43% of those over 18 being comfortable traveling this holiday season.

Just 19.30% will be celebrating the holidays like most of us did last year — virtually. Regardless of how people will be celebrating, we hope everyone is safe, happy, and that they enjoy the season.

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