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85% of Republicans Find Electric Vehicles ‘Not Worth’ the Cost

  • Things To Know
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 2 minutes

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Democrats and Republicans can add one more thing they don’t always see eye to eye on – electric vehicles.

In a survey of auto super app Way.com users, American drivers were asked about all things transportation, including ridesharing, gas prices, commuting, and EV’s as an option.

The team also wanted to check if there were any areas of transportation where the two parties were not aligned – and EV was the big one. When asked if they thought EV’s were worth the cost, only 14% of Republicans said yes, while 40% of Democrats said absolutely. Over 85% of Republicans felt they were too expensive, and 59% of Democrats echoed the sentiment.

57% of Republicans said their personal preference was the gas-powered vehicle (versus 9% for EV and 34% for hybrid), while Democrats are partial to hybrids, with 49% making that their first choice over EV (16%) or gas (35%) options.

Democrats tend to like rideshare options a bit more than Republicans, with 67% saying they found rideshare apps like Uber useful versus 47%.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, an overwhelming 93% said they owned their cars, and the preferred method of purchase is still at the dealership (74%) versus online 15%) or via private party (11%).

43% of drivers say they are commuting to the office 5 days a week, while 36% are still completely remote. Just 13% drive to work twice a week, and 7% once a week. The majority (84%) of commutes are under an hour.

And despite rising gas prices, most drivers have not cut back their road time, with 52% saying they still drive just as much, and 48% admitting they are driving less.

When it comes to washing the car, Democrats and Republicans are on the same page, with over 60% saying it’s a once-a-month practice.

And black has surpassed white as the most popular color choice for cars these days. Black cars were ranked #1 (22%), followed by silver (17.7%), navy blue (17.3%), white (16%), red (12%) and grey (11%).


1,000 Way.com customers answered the survey done via Mail Chimp in November 2022.

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