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85% Say Omicron Variant Won’t Prevent Them From Holiday Air Travel

  • Holiday Travel
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 3 minutes

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Will the Omicron variant wreak havoc on holiday air travel plans this winter? Not according to the majority of Way.com users across the United States. In a survey sent out on December 3, we asked if Omicron would change travel plans or holiday plans in general. Only 14.9% of those asked said they would cancel any upcoming holiday flights, while 85.1% said they still planned on hopping on a plane.

Holiday Air Travel Survey 2021

In addition, 74.4% said they would be keeping their holiday air travel plans, traveling to see friends and family. Just 9.7% said they have opted to stay home, while 15.9% said they haven’t decided what they will do at this point. The Way.com data team confirmed the sentiment, saying they have not seen any decline in upcoming holiday airport parking bookings.

Holiday Air Travel Stats 2021

Earlier data from Statista found that despite growing numbers of Covid cases yet again, people in both the U.S. and the U.K. were determined to enjoy the Christmas holiday with their usual traditions. Close to 30% in the U.S. asked said they would celebrate the holidays – up 17% from 2020.

Christmas traditions & Holiday Air Travel Stats

For those of you who will be traveling, a few tips to ensure your trips are both happy and safe:

Research the requirements of your destination.
Several states have stringent requirements for entry, including mandatory quarantine, proof of a negative COVID test, and other regulations. You should also look into the requirements for your return. You can get more information on the state entry requirements.

Choose your airline carefully.
While most airlines have taken measures to protect their passengers, some airlines are stricter than others when it comes to implementing safety measures, including social distancing. Do your research and get in touch to know exactly what measures your airline has implemented to keep you safe. Ideally, you want to book with an airline that offers flexibility or is ready to waive change fees. Here’s more information regarding the safest airlines to fly on.

Consider getting yourself tested.
Whether your destination requires you to get tested or not, it might be a good idea to make sure that you are healthy and ready for travel, especially if you’re traveling internationally. The CDC recommends that you get a coronavirus test 1-3 days before the flight, 3-5 days after the flight, and 1-3 days before returning. Getting yourself tested is a good idea even if you aren’t traveling internationally as you get set to visit family and friends.


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Source: 421 Way.com users answered the survey via email Dec. 3, 2021.

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