A Complete Guide For Airport Parking

Traveling is exciting and fun (for most people, at least), but leaving their cars in the airport parking is one of the greatest concerns of many travelers. Hundreds of thousands of people regularly use the airport parking facility because it’s convenient.  But why is it that airport parking is a matter of concern for some people, while others are completely fine with it?

Simply put, it’s all about knowledge and experience. While frequent travelers know all about airport parking, people who have never left their cars in airport parking lots for an extended period of time often consider it a risky option. They believe that airport parking lots are not safe, which is true for some airports – the big ones have a system in place to ensure the security of parked cars.

Many people also find airport parking very confusing due to the availability of so many options. What’s the difference between them? What should one look out for while selecting?  Is it worth the money?

If you also have these questions in mind, you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to answer all your questions and give you all the information that you need about airport parking.

Types of Airport Parking

First things first, there are three types of parking available at all big airports:

  1.       Short-stay
  2.       Medium-stay
  3.       Long-stay

In the first two options, your car is parked in a parking lot that’s on the airport or within its boundaries, usually at a walking distance. Often these parking lots are connected to the main building via pedestrian paths with multiple signposts for guidance.

For the vehicles of people who are going out for a long time, there are separate airport parking lots. At some airports, they are a small distance away from the terminal building, but they are still within the airport boundaries. However, sometimes they are off-site. Travelers have to park their vehicles at a completely separate spot and take an airport bus to reach the terminal.

A Misconception

This may sound strange, but you can opt for any of the three parking options regardless of the duration of your trip.

The belief that short-term parking lots are only for people who are going away for a couple of days is just a misconception. The option you choose has more to do with your preference and budget.

Simply put, the closer you want to park your car to the airport, the more you will have to pay. If your preference is convenience and the budget is not a problem, you can opt for the short- stay parking no matter how long you are going for.

Similarly, if you do not want to spend too much on parking, you can get a very cheap deal at a long-stay parking lot even if you are only going to park your car for a couple of days.

Is Going For An Independent Operator a Better Option Than Airport Parking?

Like all other things, there are pros and cons of choosing an independent parking service provider. The greatest benefit of an independent operator is that you are likely to get the service for a lesser price than you have to pay for the airport’s own parking. However, it requires you to do research and make sure that the company you are handing over your car to is reliable and has a security system in place. For this, you may need to visit the company’s car park and see if there are enough surveillance cameras installed and if there is security at all the entry and exit points.

While the big and reputable companies are reliable, small independent owners often miss out on some of the security features.

Go for this option if you don’t mind spending time doing research about an independent parking service provider. But if you are like most people who detest going through all the hassle, go for airport parking. It will cost you a little more, but you will have peace of mind that your car is safe while you are away.

Here are some of the best airport parkings :

  1. Seatac parking
  2. PHL parking
  3. BOS parking
  4. LAX parking
  5. SFO parking



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